The Simple Solution!

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The Simple Solution!

A world in turmoil,
A world in sin,
A world in flames,
And a world to win.

An earth confused,
An earth so lost,
An earth of value,
Without a cost.

People are wandering,
People are mad,
People rebellious,
And people are sad.

We are so lost,
We must now learn,
We need salvation,
Or one day will burn.

God still loves us,
God answers prayer,
God will hear us,
For God does care.

Jesus will save us,
Jesus has died,
Jesus has risen,
And He will abide.

Turn your life over,
Turn now, today,
Turn unto God,
And turn to obey.

Jesus the truth,
Jesus the life,
Jesus the way,
Out of this strife.

Richard Hollerman


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