My Journey of Life


My Journey of Life

My Journey of Life

I travel through life, with eyes on the goal,

A journey for truth each day;

Yes, onward I go, through wind and rain,

Walking the narrow way.

Though storms and coldness beset my path,

I yet will proceed to the end;

With faith in my God who leads the way,

I’’ll trust though I can’t comprehend.

With bones and muscles, painful and sore,

Though family and friends disapprove,

I’’m set in my pace and won’’t look back,

God’’s faithfulness I daily will prove.

Over mountains and crags, through deserts and streams,

Regardless of pain and distress,

I walk the pure walk that leads above,

And shun all earthly success.

My wife walks beside me over the trails,

Walking with God as we pray;

Hand in hand, we seek our heavenly home,

Determined to serve Him each day.

With faith in our God who calls us above,

With love for the Lord to impel,

One day we will reach our Heavenly Home

Where we forever will dwell.


Richard Hollerman


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