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Creación vs. Evolución

The Woman's Role in the Plan of God

A Review of Recent Arguments for Women Preachers

Are You Following a Human Leader--or the Divine Son of God?

The Problem with Funerals

The Danger of Overweight and Obesity!

What are You Advertising?

Ugliness and its Solution

Humans are not Animals

Practical Points on Child Training

Living for the Lord in a Wicked World

Do Not Sin Against Your Children!

Do Not Sin Against the Children

Who is Knocking at Your Door?

Religious Lying

Theocratic Lying and Watchtower Witnesses

Marriage to an Evil

Suicide and Eternal Life?

A Brief Introduction to Unconditional Eternal Security

Growing Your Passion for Reading

Working in Today's World

Eating to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Smoking: What Does the Bible Say?

Eating Healthier Means Living Longer and Better

Share Healthy Habits With Your Children

Is Lust Fornication?

Women, Make Your Own Clothes!

What Memorial are You Leaving? (Death)

Before I Die: An Excerpt

Those Sensitive Subjects

Hollywood Stars and the Passing of Time

Labor Union Rebellion

Islam Explained in Layman Terms

Catholicism & Islam: Ties That Bind

Peace be upon Muhammad?

Funeral Customs--Past and Present

The Christian Woman and Bizarre Hair Styles

What about High-Heeled Shoes?

A Question of Hair Length

Yes, it is a shame

Is it a sin for a Christian to be depressed?

Returning to Heaven when You Die?


Sins of Speech!

Sins of Husbands and Wives!

Are You a Worthy Husband?

Your Husband's Heart

25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband

25 Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her

Violent, Lustful, and Worldly Movies

The Scriptures and the New Report on Obesity

The Dangers of Obesity!

Soft Drinks--Do You Really Want that Soft Drink?

Hip Hop From Hell

Dick Clark and the Degeneration of a Generation

Holy Hip Hop Exposed!

You Can't Make Hip Hop Holy!

Unholy Hip Hop

The Woman's "Imperishable Quality" of Quietness

Dying in Peace?

Lessons Learned Through Illness

Benefits of Sickness


Should Men Have Long Hair?

Sickness or Sin

Long Hair--The Woman's Glory

Living with Unfulfilled Desires

The Five Most Dangerous Foods to Feed Your Child

The Power to Heal? Really?

Is it Wrong to Smoke?

Practical Problems that Come in Restitution!

Charlatans—or Demon Possessed?

"Marriage" to an Animal?

The Early Church—Catholic Church Connection

Who Really is a Saint?

Where is Your Trust:--in Jesus or Mary

Benedict is a Pope No More

A Christian as President?

Two Horrible Sins in The Balance

Self Esteem and the Bible

Grounds for Biblical Divorce

Doing What No Man Can Do

The Captivity of Paul and Contemporary Imprisonment

Do You Speed?

Modern Psychology and the Bible

People are Like Potatoes

A Little Good News!

Common Questions on Adam and Eve

Harry Potter and Witchcraft

The "Safe" Position of Creation

Living With a Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

Josephus Describes the Roman Sack of Jerusalem

Some Muslims Tired of the Killing!

Is, the Taliban, and Islam! It's Not Just False Doctrine!



Benefits of Walking

An Accessory to Adultery

Starbucks and Paganism

Laughing on the Way to Hell!

Laughing All the Way to Hell!

Top 43 Celebrities Going to Hell Right Now

Should a Christian Marry Outside the Faith?

Walmart and Ellen DeGeneres

Are You a True Disciple?

The Value of Morning

Is the Apocrypha Inspired of God?

What about Catholicism's Ideas about Mary?

Set Your Priorities for God!

What Would Jesus Do?

The Desire of My Heart

The Thought of Jesus

The Names of Jesus (list)

Marriage or Singleness?

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo?

The Charismatic Encounter

Love Not The World

Are You Following a Person? (Are You Pursuing a Preacher, Prophet, Pastor, or Priest?)

Your Approaching Death

The Contrast

Masada! (Sobering Lessons to Learn)

The Church’s Exaltation of Man

The Deadly Peril of the World!

Facing Your Crucial Years!

Bible Reading Schedule

Bible Reading Schedule--with Time

Feminine Attire... Modesty

What’s Wrong with Immodesty?

What is Adultery?

Time Management: Do You Tithe Your Time?

Outward Actions, and Inward Meaning

Some Lessons From Church History

Before You Marry

Read the Bible! How to Really Enjoy Reading the Bible!

My Name is Gossip

The Plan of Salvation and the Churches of Christ

Is Your Pet a Person?

Marriage, Sexuality, and its Deviations

William Barclay the False Teacher

Correction: The Blessings of Correction

Why I Left the Lutheran Church

Families Divided!

Ten Scriptural Reasons Why the Rock Beat is Evil in Any Form

Pleasing God In Personal Appearance

What about the Strange Practices in Outward Appearance?

My God?

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with our Catholic Friends (Part 1a)

Is Sexual Self-stimulation Wrong?

Why Christians Should Not Watch Television

The Curse of Religious Diversity

So Killing Children is Absolutely Necessary?

Celebrating an Abomination at Stonewall Inn

Can Christians Help Support the Salvation Army?

The Season of Spring!

Is There Intelligent Life in Outer Space?

American Masonic History

Are you Viewing the Physical or the Spiritual?

How do we View the Death of an Unbeliever?

KJV-Only A Salvation Issue?

Labor Unionism and the Rejection of Christian Values

Introduction to the King James Issue

Those Bogus “Bible Codes”

Those Headcoverings

Homosexuality and Adultery: Which is the Greater Sin?

Lack of Bible Reading

We Can be Sure Our Translations are Accurate

A Basic Rule of Bible Study: Who is speaking and to whom is he speaking?

Should a Christian Join the Gideons?

Masculine Words that have Transformed

Did Jesus Authorize Situation Ethics?

The United Methodist Church Rejects God and His Word

Can I Still Be Saved If I’ve Sinned Deliberately?

A Husband who will Not Lead

Have You Been Outside Today?

What does Islam and Evolution Have in Common?

Is Christ’s Coming Very, Very Soon?

Evaluating Evolution in Plain English

Highway Speeding

Valentine! (A Non-Valentine Message)

How Old is the Earth?

Overcoming Sin through Christ: Homosexuality

The False Promise Of The Prosperity Gospel: Why I Called Out Joel Osteen And Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer and Her Teachings

Joyce Meyer (Part 2)

Joyce Meyer (Part 1)

Women: “We Cannot be Silenced!”

Turning Your Golden Years into Revival Years!

Smokers and Their Babies

The Skull: The Meaning and the Implications

Cancer Death Rate Drops!

Priests and Sex abuse

What’s Wrong with Christmas?

Winter is Here!

Devoting Your Body to God

Is Spanking Harmful for Children?

Transgenderism Is it Acceptable to God?

The Dark Side of Halloween

Halloween - Harmless Fun or Pagan Rituals?

Community of Christ

The Cultural Rejection of Biblical Instruction on Women

Reach Out with Love, Kindness, Gentleness, and Friendliness

The Paradox of Anxiety

Are You Happy?

Stigmata—A Fraudulent Roman Catholic Copycat Phenomenon

Christian Hoarding?

Suicide: Going to Heaven?

Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits

Compromising on the Job (With Special Reference to Lockheed Martin Company)

Spiritual Help for the Unmarried

Judge with Righteous Judgment

Judge with Righteous Judgment

The Extent of Pluralism

Outrageous Pay for CEOs

Train Up a Child--Home Schooling

Testimonies From Young Ladies Who Are Dresses Only

Three Things That we Like About Homeschooling

Are You Angry?

What is Homeschooling and Why Do Families Educate this Way?

The Doctrine of Nonresistance

Is Abortion Really Wrong?

Having Pets Instead of Kids [Children] Should be Considered a Psychiatric Disorder

Why I Stopped Pledging Allegiance

Islam and the Person of Christ

Is Allah the Name of God?

Crucifixion and the Qur'an

Praying to Mary and the Saints

Jesus in the Qur'an

John 6: Did Jesus institute the Eucharist in Jn.6 as Roman Catholicism claims?

50 Life Skills Every Young Adult Should Know (Before Leaving the Nest)

Can Muslims be Saved?

A Simple Reason Why the Qur’an Cannot be the Word of God

Atheism and Agnosticism

Islam (General Article)

Deceived by the Lightning (the Church of Almighty God)

Patriotic Holidays

Funerals: Thoughts, Observations and Reflections

Secrets that will be Revealed!

Who Did Hitler and the Nazis Kill?

World War II and the Conscientious Objector Overseas

Warfare on Fort Worth Streets

Prostitution of Movie Actors and Others

Obedience versus Legalism

Answering a Homosexual Episcopalian

The Sad Horrible Effects of Television on the Minds of Christians

Evolution and the Science of Fiction

False Teachers

Billy Graham and His Death

Weddings: Should I Attend?

“Why Are Dinosaurs Not Mentioned in the Bible?”

Six Days of Creation, or Revelation?

The Sin of Bathsheba

Search for Extraterrestrials Useless and Offensive

Little Known Truths about Prostitutes

Origin of the Stars? (Letter to the Editor)

Restaurants (Eating Out)

The Plague and Power of Counterfeit Christianity in the World

Helpful Hints on Saving Time (The Practical Suggestions)

Helpful Hints on Saving Time (The Principles)

Young Person Prepare for Your Future

The Spiritual Disaster of Young People in High School and College

Creation and the Age of the Earth

Man from the Beginning

Winter Marvels on Snowy Days

African-Americans, Please Don’t be Deceived!

LGBTQ Candidates in Texas?

Disease Proof

Is “Freemasonry” a Religious Institution?

Why I believe...God Hates Christmas

Santa Claus: Another "God"?

Deathbed Salvation?

Kate Brown, "Bisexual" Governor

Pervasive Apostasy and False Ways

Responses to the Gospel in Acts of the Apostles

Swimming--"Mixed Swimming"

Tobacco and Leading Men

Nonresistance vs Pacifism

Halloween: A Covenant with Death and Hell

Genesis Confusion and Salvation


The Real Cost of a Dog

What the Bible Says about Dogs

A Cappella Singing

Television: The Christian's Pet Sin

Good News for You!

The Christian and His Speech

Do You Home School?

Times are Changing

Smoking and the Christian: My Experience with Steve Brown

Repentance: Help to Fulfill the Hardest Command


Transgenderism: The Prejudiced, Twisted, and Immoral Logic of Transgenders

Is America the Great Satan?

Francis Rejects Traditional Catholic Worship

Drug Side Effects vs. Pritikin Side Effects


The Dawning

Girl Scouts and the Christian

The Hand Sign

"O God!"

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (4c)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (4b)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (4a)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (3c)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (3b)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (Part 3a)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (Part 2c)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (Part 2b)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (Part 2a)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (Part 1c)

The Catholic Church: A Friendly Discussion with Our Catholic Friends (Part 1b)

Daily Purposes for the Christian

Do Theological and Doctrinal Words Influence our Biblical Understanding?

Three-fold Irony of June 12, 2017

The Catholic Church Proclaims the Year of Mercy!

Obeying the Book--Whether the Constitution or the Bible!

Religious Persecution of Muslim Children and Mixed Swimming Classes!

Pornography: The Amazing Spread of a Deadly Disease and What to Do about It!

Homosexual Woman Methodist Bishop?

Does Mary Intercede for Christians?

Are Songs and Prayers Sometimes One and the Same?

Did Darwin Repent?

God's Not Dead Movie Review---

God's Not Dead--a Movie Reviewed

Do Pets Survive Death?

The Presidency and the Creation-Evolution Controversy in America

What Is Marriage and Why Does It Matter?

Defining Sedentary Behavior and Its Potential Health Risks

Atheism is Religion

Guys? Are Girls Really Guys?

Feminism and Changes in Words

Cigars and Whisky for Longevity?


Division and Christ!

Medical Spending and the Issue of Health

The United Methodist Church: Conclusion and Earnest Plea

An Exercise of Practical Wisdom on Driving!

A Round of Applause!

A Form of Blasphemy!

The United Methodist Church: Many False Teachings and Practices

How is a Civil Ruler a "Minister of God"?

Reality Reading

The United Methodist Church: Abortion

Technology: Absent Presence

Will God Win the Election?

A Surpassing Love for Jesus!

The United Methodist Church: Divorce and Remarriage

Halloween and the Christian

The United Methodist Church: The Homosexual Movement

Hillary Clinton and Her Run for the Presidency

What's Wrong with Halloween?

Jesus Christ Superstar: Memorable Responses!

Say No to Halloween “Trick or Treating”!

Halloween: What You Should Know about It

Halloween from a Christian's Perspective

The United Methodist Church: The Feminist Movement

Jesus Christ Superstar

The United Methodist Church: Creation and Evolution

The Joys and Sorrows of Growing Older

Are You Open to Reason? (James 3:17)

The United Methodist Church: The Lord's Supper

Will You Wear White for Your Wedding?

The United Methodist Church: The Doctrine of Baptism

Why You Should Homeschool Your Christian Child--Part 2

Why You Should Homeschool Your Christian Child--Part 3

Why You Should Homeschool your Christian Child--Part 4

Why You Should Homeschool Your Christian Child--Part 1

Parties and the Christian

The Methodist Church: Women's Participation

Abortion: Not a "Win" for Tarrant County Women!

Daily Choices for God: How to Live Close to God Each Day!

The United Methodist Church: Many More Concerns

A Serious KJV Question and Other Matters

Is TV Really So Bad?

"Independence Day" (July 4)--How Do We View it?

The United Methodist Church: Many Concerns

Orlando Shooting and Gross Hypocrisy!

Muhammad Ali and the World's Views

Muhammad Ali--"The Greatest"?

A Friendly Discussion about the "Church of Christ"

The Methodist Church: United Methodists Wake Up!

The Methodist Church: Widespread Unbelief, False Views, and Heresies

Spanking Your Child: Corporal Punishment for Child Discipline?

Islamic Murder and the Gospel

A Catholic Letter and Our Response

A Soul's Salvation Could Hinge on the Earth's Age

The Methodist Church: Basic Truths in Our Evaluation

Our Visit to the Creation Museum

LGBT "Rights" in Charlotte?

Christian Education and the Bible

A Brief Testimony about the Christian Woman's Covering


Christ, Caesar and Feminism

The Methodist Church: A Number of Positive Points

The Methodist Church: Two Departures from Liberal United Methodism

Presidential Feminism!

Good Political Judgment

Speed Limits: Do Most People Comply?

The United Methodist Church: Smaller Methodist Denominations

The External and Outward Reveals the Internal and Inward!

Gay and Lesbian?

The Methodist Church: Recent Membership Trends

Do Jews Believe in Jesus?

General Topics


Methodist Church History and Background is Very Revealing

The Damage Done by Fatherlessness

Thoughts on Snow And a Winter Wonderland

Hell and its Biblical Description!

The Mysterious Moon

Did Paul Pray for the Dead?

What Should We Think of Homosexuality?

Common Logical Fallacies Made By Muslims

Manuscript Evidence For The Superior New Testament Reliability

Jehovah's Witnesses:An Overview

Some Thoughts on Time in the Author’s Life

Help in Reading the Bible

Reading List on Calvinism

Eternity Is A Very Long Time!

Letting Your Light Shine on The Job

Recovering Biblical Terminology

Is the Catholic Teaching on "The Perpetual Virginity of Mary" Scriptural?

Archaic Language of the KJV


What Influences Your Life?

God Forbid, A Study in Bible Translation MethodologyY

Is the King James Version of The Bible Infallible? Part 2

Disciples are Stewards

When Unclothed is Unfitting

The Facts about Nostradamus and His Prophecies

Buddhism in a Nut Shell

Must A Woman Fear Her Husband?

The Righteous Can Die Spiritually

Christian Leaders Who Uphold Genesis

What about the Title Reverend?

To Kill or Not to Kill (Muslim, Moses, Christ)

The Mormon Creation According to Joseph Smith

Catholic Objections to the Real Mary of the Bible

Can We Choose Our End?

Why Would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering?

Mother Teresa

Do All Five Points of Calvinism Hang or Fall Together?

Worn-Out Welcome: Saying "No" to the TV

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists Part 2

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists Part 3

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists Part 4

Creation and the Age of the Earth

Skepticism Abandons Logic

Skepticism and the “Uniformitarian” Principle

An Atheistic Assault Upon The "Design" Argument

The KJV Only Cult

What About Socialization?

The KJV Only Cult Part 2


Word-Faith Theology

The Jesus Seminar: The Slippery Slope to Heresy

Judge with Righteous Judgment

Dear KJV Only Advocate

How the Health and Wealth Gospel Twists Scripture

From Miller's Prediction to Koresh's Rise

Christian Science: Healing to Death

For KJV Only Lovers

An Email Regarding KJV Onlyism

What to Do When Required to Sin

The Age of Television in the Age of Grace

Cure for Diabetes

The Prosperity Message

Scripture Exposes False Prophets

Thirteen Facts About KJV Onlyism

Is Suicide the Answer?

The Steepest Generation

Analyzing an Extreme Healing Teaching

Bone Health

An Analysis of The "Salvation Army"

Living Longer - 4 Lifestyle Factors Cut Death Risk 80%

Foolish Reasons for Getting Married

Fifteen Resolves for Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Severe Interpersonal Conflicts

The Twelve Nays of Christmas

Muhammad and Apostate Christianity

Was Paul’s Reference to His “Cloak” a Meaningless Triviality?

Read the Bible in 2015

Calling False Teachers by Name

How Wisdom Affects Causes of Death and Death Rates


Is Capital Punishment for Today?

Agape — A Christian Husband’s Obligation

What Happens To A Person At Death?

What about the Title Reverend

Hugh Ross Twists The Bible to Fit Man's Fallible Opinion

An Unbalanced View of Homosexuality

The Dreadful Departure of Faith at Christian Colleges

The Pope on Evolution

Did Jesus Come in 1914

Cosmological Confusion

Atheistic Religion in the Classroom

Television in the Christian Home

Protecting our Children

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists

Careers that May Not be Possible for Consistent Christians

The Founders on Homosexuality

Marriage Defined

The Sacredness of Marriage

Distressing Distractions

What You Need to Know About Vegetarian or Vegan Diets

Positive Confession

Atonement and Word-Faith Theology

Is the Maitreya the Second Coming of Christ?

Reading in the Christian Home

Jesus Calling

The Atheist's Explanation for Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Early Evidence for Mark 16:9-20

How Many Porn Addicts Are in Your Church?

Exodus 20:11

Becoming Rich Under the Anointing

Mitt Romney Christian or Cultist?

The Bible Doctrine of Sanctification

How Do We Prepare Our Youth Girls for the Future?

Did these Witness “Prophecies” Fail?

The Diary of a Half-Hearted "Christian"

An Open Heart and Home

He Who Mistreats His Parents Brings Reproach

Profanity-A Biblical Assessment

The "Drawing" Power of God

What We Teach and Why

The Influence of Home Life

Consecrated to God's Service

The Christian and Work

Robert G. Ingersoll–Apostle of Infidelity, Robber of Hope

Don’ts For Healthy, Long-Term Weight Loss

The Puritan's Christian Agenda?

The Earth: A Planet Plagued with “Evil”

An Open Letter to Intelligent Designer, William Dembski

“Born Again” Catholics and the Rosary

Dietary Restrictions: The Changing Will of God

Beginning the Day with God

Duggar House Guidelines

Metabolic Syndrome Cleaning Up a Mess

The Value of "Waiting" on Jehovah

Terrorists in the Church

Notes on Christian America

Adam to Abraham: The Dating Game

The Perversions of Religious Libertarianism in The United Church of Christ Denomination

Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Say?

Atheism: The "Church" of Amorality

Did Mary, Jesus' Mother, Ever Sin?

Article Statement on the Use of Video

The Creation Week

Should Women Play Sports?

"Christian” Activism?

Creation: Will it Stand the "Test of Science"?

She Lost Her Child What Should I Say?

I’m a Good Christian


Nonbiblical Accounts of New Testament Events and/or People

Competitive Sports

The Uniqueness of the Biblical Creation Record

Night is Coming

Resolutions for a New Year

Did Paul the Apostle Approve of Sports and Greek Games?

The Five C’s of Christian Courtship

Jane Fonda: Did She Become a Christian?

A Healthy Heart


Survival on the Road

The Tragedy of Living and Dying in a False Religion

The Study of Biblical Words

Planet Kolob – Chariot of the gods?

A Tale of Two Fish

Contending with the (Alleged) Contradictions of Scripture

Keeping a Clear Conscience on Your Job

Does the Bible Teach Reincarnation

Yoga and T'ai Chi

Norman Vincent Peale

Heresies: Then and Now

For Ever, O Lord, Thy Word is Settled in Heaven

A History of False Prophecies

The Historical Jesus

What Is Television Doing To Our Youth?

The Pain of Lingering Regrets

Compromises with Catholicism

Understanding Death

Biblical Blasphemy vs Islamic Blasphemy

Teaching Youth the “Work” Ethic

False Teachers and False Doctrine

Word of Faith Crosses Heresy Line

Hinn, Others Shun Sound Doctrine

False Prophets Abound in WOF

Tips For Teaching Kids About Making Healthy New Year's Resolutions

The Quest of a Young Person’s Heart

Word of Faith

Noah’s Ark Floats Again!

Exercise Keeps Your DNA Young

Some Faulty Approaches to Bible Study

Dangers on the Internet

Cybersex Temptation

Why Did God Make Fathers?

Technology Dictates Morality


The Day Christopher Hitchens Met His Maker

Preventing Parkinson’s Disease

The Christian's Apparel -- Inside and Out

Reducing Cholesterol Naturally

A Further Sign of Family Disintegration

“Sally and Brad love” is not Blind

Can Intelligent Design Save your Soul?

My Experience with the “Jehovah’s Witness” Visitors

Preaching John into Heaven

Is it true that Jesus never addressed same sex marriage)

Five Alleged Mistakes in the Bible

Moon or the Sun?

Celebrate Transgenderism or Support Suicide?

What about Mom and the Kids

The Profile of a Godly Mother

An Atheist’s Daughter

Created in the Image of God

Early in the Morning

The Significance of “Small Things”

Pious Devotion and what it Means

The Meaning of Fossils

The Doctrine of “Determinism”

Is There Life in Outer Space?

Funeral Customs – Past and Present

Joel Osteen Tells it like it is—finally

The Devastating Damage of False Christendom

How to Become an Atheist

Atheism: The “No-God” Religion

Arguments for the Inclusion of Mark 16

Timely Talks with Teenagers

A Child for the Lord

Child Labor

Back to Basics in Our Homes

Basics of Buddhism

Background of Gautama and Buddhism

5 Dos for Healthy, Long-Term Weight Loss

The Trail of Tears

Saturated Fat Should be Avoided.

How Dr. Spock is Destroying America

Protect Yourself Against Osteoporosis

The Alleged Perpetual Virginity of Mary

From God’s Mind to Man – The Bible

Unusual Things in the Bible

The Tongue

Unholy Trinity

Do You Feel Misunderstood?

America—A Nation Out of Control

Should Christians 'Respect' Other Religions?

Making Sense of the Bible

Acts 17:26 – The Family of Man

Calvinism and the Great Commission

Ways Parents Provoke


Been Thinking About Profanity

Sexual Anarchy in the City

An Evaluation of the Key Doctrines in the Prosperity Message

Should A Child of God Serve On A Jury?

Should A Christian Go to the Movies?

Simple, Sensible Savings

Scientific Errors In The Qur'an

Darwin, Evolution, and Racism

Show Her! Don’t Just Tell Her.

The “Eye” of the Evolutionary Storm

The Character of Atheism

Our Amazing Zip Code System

The Folly of Atheism

Nostradamus—Prophet or Pretender?

Are Science and Faith Compatible?

Is the Bible Creation Account a Myth?

The San Francisco Atheist Convention

Santa and the Laws of Physics

Meet Ted Turner—Thanks, I’d Rather Not!

The Age of the Earth

The Baha’i Movement

The Television Set

Benny Hinn on salvation

Toys and Play

Christ, Our Perfect Sacrifice

More of Sodom

Rich Diet Is Child Neglect and Responsible People Need to Act


A Christian Approach to Islam

Is the Bible Opposed to Health

Considering Movies and Drama

Driven by a Lust for Headlines

The Internet Pledge

Who Controls the Kingdoms of This World?

Money Saving Tips for Choosing Pets

Tips for Parents

Modest Apparel

Confessed Conjectures and Contradictions

Do I Really Need All These Pills?

A Longer Better Life

To Play or Not to Play?

But it IS Translated Correctly!

Men or Trend Pleasers

The Teachings of Kenneth Copeland Compared to the Bible

Why I am Not a Bible Student

Fortifying the Faith of Our Children

7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Did Christ BODILY Rise From The Dead?

The Bible Must be Rightly Divided

Absolute Truth

A Personal Commitment to Truth

An Examination of The Word-Faith Movement

Commandments For Husbands and Wives

St. Alphonsus Liguori on Mary

Some Revealing Catholic Names, Titles and Prayers to Mary

The Fatima Visions

Genesis 1 and Dinosaurs

Which Diet Lowers C-Reactive Protein?

A Scholarly Expose of Easter

Wordly Tv/Movie Watching: The Devil's Control Over Many Christians

The Challenge


Can a Christian Serve on a Jury?

How To Keep My Family and Myself Pure on The Internet

Are the New Testament Books Historically Credible?

Is REVISION of a Bible Translation Always Wrong?

Communication in Marriage

Accepting the Perversion of Homosexuality

101 Reasons for Having Children

But It is Translated Correctly! (Mormonism)

Have We Been Lied To?

Is Mary the Mother of God?


Is Child Evangelism a Form of Child Abuse?


The 10 Top Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself Against Cancer

Time is of the Essence

If You Wonder What the Bible Says about Homosexuality

Why New Versions are Needed

Jesus of the Word/Faith Movement

Norman Vincent Peale a Man Who Made up His Mind

Another Possible Gospel of Robert Schuller's

Do the Ages of the Earth and Mankind Really Matter?

How Can I Be a Better Bible Student?

The Most Dangerous Televangelist in the World

The New and Improved Seven Deadly Sins

The Great Heretical Idea: Part 1 Oprah and Eckhart Do the New Age Shift

The Great Heretical Idea: Part 2 Oprah and Eckhart Do the New Age Shift

The Great Heretical Idea: Part 3 Oprah and Eckhart Do the New Age Shift

What Do You Really Know about Evolution?

Gone with the Wind

Was Jesus Rich?

The Christian and Depression

Teresa's "Miracle" En Route to "Sainthood"

Ten Areas of Deadly Deception Among Catholics

Some Atheistic Arguments Answered

Should Christians Send Their Children To Be “Salt and Light” in the Public Schools?

Relaxed, Passive, Christian TV Addicts


Joel Osteen: the Prosperity Gospel's Cowboy

Jesus Christ or Mickey Mouse?

Mohammed and His Religion

Easter (Revised)

10 Common Misconceptions About A Conditional Security

What About Sports

A Mother’s Heart Cry

Nonresistant and Nonpolitical

The Christian's Duty to the Government

Church and State Issues Relating to Jury Duty

Pilgrim Separation

American Patriotism

What the Bible Says about Christian Activism

Is America A" Christian" Nation?

Christ Versus a “Plan”

10 Facts about the Bible

30 Great Topical Chapters

Interesting Facts about the Bible

Scripture's Record List of People

It's fun to learn about the Bible

Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches

What Can the Pritikin Program Do For Me?

Benedict and the One True Church?

Christians and the World Wide Web

Hinduism Part 1

Hinduism Part 2

Evolution and Christianity mix like oil and water

Good Morning Students

Restating the Obvious about Bible Translations

Give Me the Truth!

Atheists Are “Bright”?

“Big Bang” or “Big Crunch”?

Did Darwin Repent?

The Record Buried in Coal

Better A Dry Crust Of Bread

Evolution, Environmentalism, and the Deification of Nature

A Survey of “Interbiblical” History

The Evolution Connection

The Test of Money

Why Go Vegetarian?

Let Love Fill Your Marriage!

Are You a Redneck?

Are You Sensitive to Three Sins of Speech

Christian Education Books

An Atypical American’s Typical Bible Knowledge

An Introduction to Bible Figures of Speech

Christian Men & Christian Women

Women Wearing Pants


You Know Too Much

This Financial Planner Drives a Truck

Home Business

The Danger of Video Games

Keep Your Mouth Shut When:

What About Social Drinking in the OT

The Plague of Perversion

The Dinosaur Delusion

Creation Comment Leads to Another Casualty

Why Do Men Reject God?

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