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Here is a little poem that may be a blessing to you.  Sadly, it surely must only describe a family where God is honored and Christ is loved.  Only when each member of a family loves and serves the Lord can there be the kind of fellowship, unity, peace, and joy that God desires.  Jesus already has revealed that most families will not be like this (Matt. 10:34-37; Mark 13:12-13; Luke 12:51-53) and many (most?) of His followers will need to choose between Him and their earthly families (Matt. 10:37; Luke 14:26-17; Mark 10:28-30).  Be that as it may, I send the following poem to you with the ideal in mind—and perhaps (by God’’s grace) some may experience what the poet is describing.  You may want to share it with someone you know.



Shall we be running to and fro
To find a perfect bliss,
In restlessness to go and go,
Afraid some fun we’ll miss?

Like erring folks who seem to think
The earth would cease to turn
If they’d sit still for just a wink,
Or passions cease to burn.

Across the fence in vain we gaze
To have our hopes fulfilled,
And fail to see these treasures placed
At home, and in God’s will.

Can this reveal one reason for
Divorce and broken homes?
We’re running in and out the door
While each one lives alone.

While folks pursue their vain desire
(It happens all too soon!)
To altars strange they offer fire,
While home is laid in ruin.

And are we really fit to be
A visitor or host
If we at home with family
Are not content the most?

The Lord hath in His wisdom set,
According to His skill
The members in their places that
We each might be fulfilled.

At home is where we’re loved the best,
Appreciated least;
If we’d perceive our blessedness,
T’would be a constant feast!

A taste of heaven can be ours,
If we can only see:
There’s grace to live by Jesus’ pow’r,
And home’s the place to be.

So if at home we do our best,
To live in sweet accord,
On earth we shall be very blest,
And heaven our reward.

Then let us seek our Father’s face,
To build our homes this way;
He’s waiting with abundant grace,
To help us through each day.

-Phillip Cohen

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