Sometimes we fail to thank the Lord

For “little things” we see.

He gives so freely to us all—

How grateful we should be!


Let’s thank our God for “little things”

That we may overlook—

The cheerful bird at morning hour,

The cool and flowing brook.


The common things of everyday

That make our lives complete—

The food that comes to us from God

That we may freely eat.


The ordinary things of life

If we have eyes to see—

The morning sunrise on the hill,

The shade of the old oak tree.


The cool and welcome breeze at night

When the heat of day is past,

The cozy house in wintertime

When the day is overcast.


We overlook the gifts God gives,

The blessings all around.

With eyes to see and ears to hear—

The daily gifts abound.


The sun, the moon, the stars that shine

Declare our Maker’s praise;

As silent witnesses to God

They bless our nights and days.


The pure, white snow at wintertime,

The wakened life at spring,

The calm, warm days in summertime,

The autumn geese on wing—


They all are blessings to our year—

Each season has its own;

And God deserves our gratitude

For all that we have known.


Think too of children as they play

With happiness of heart.

As gifts of God to mother and dad

With joy and love they impart.


Do we sometimes overlook

Our clean and welcome bed—

When daily work brings weariness,

A place to lay our head?


The car we drive, the work we do,

The clean and simple clothes,

Sufficient health and strength to live,

The fragrance of the rose—


All this and more should fill our hearts

With gratitude to God—

The simple, little things of life

He scatters all abroad.


So ask yourself if you give thanks

For daily blessings here.

Begin to thank the Lord for all

He gives throughout the year.


Richard Hollerman


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