Comfort in Sorrow

Comfort in Sorrow

Do burdens press upon your heart

And weigh upon your soul?

Let Jesus bear them for you now;

Let Him have full control.


Do troubles overwhelm your life?

Is loneliness your care?

Trust God to see you safely through;

Confide with Him in prayer.


Has sickness touched your body now

Or affliction brought you pain?

Seek comfort in your Father’s love—

Your loss will then be gain.


Have parents, child, or loving mate

Now gone, and you are alone?

Your loving Father will never depart

But have you as His own.


Does confusion fill your spirit sore

And are you so distraught?

Let Jesus calm your many fears—

Sweet peace will be your lot.


Have wasted years brought grief to you,

A ruined life regret?

You can be given life anew—

The past will hold no threat.


Have all your plans been dashed to earth

And all your dreams lie dead?

One day you’ll see that God knew best,

In all your ways He led.


Has cruel death brought sorrow deep

To take your loved one away?

Dear Jesus understands your tears

And will forever stay.


Does sin now fill your life with guilt

And evil fill your mind?

There’s One who’ll wipe it all away—

A Savior good and kind.


What else of sadness, hurt, or distress

Would pull your life apart?

A loving Father knows it all

And will heal your broken heart.


Richard Hollerman


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