Make Me a Child Again

Make Me a Child Again

Dear Father, make me a child again,

With heart so young and gay.

Please make me see the world anew—

So fresh and bright each day.


Restore the excitement of new-found joys;

Help me to explore your land,

And see with youthful wonder and awe

The beauty that you have planned.


May I see things as a little child

With wonder, joy, and a smile.

Help me to feel the warmth of the sun

And gaze at the clouds awhile.


Help me to really see the trees

With squirrels scampering ‘round.

Help me to smell the fragrant flowers

And hear each natural sound.


Help me to rise with the morning bird

With expectation filled.

Then may I lay my head to sleep

With heart at peace and stilled.


Whenever a trouble or trial may come,

Give me a trust in You—

A Father who cares so very much,

A God so loving and true.


Please help me ever to be content

Without sophisticated fare.

Help me to see that life consists

Of simple things and prayer.


Dear Father, give me a soul so clean,

Without the knowledge of sin.

Please help me to renew my mind,

And make it pure within.


Protect me from all evil ways,

With mind and heart so pure,

With curiosity controlled,

Away from the world’s allure.


Please take away the hate and deceit,

The bitterness and strife.

Replace it with kindness, love, and peace—

Partaking of Your life.


Give me a simple faith in You,

And give me humility.

Make me forgiving, without a grudge—

Give me serenity.


Please make me a child again, dear Lord,

And all Your words I’ll heed.

Give me a sweet simplicity

In thought, and word, and deed.


Help me to believe Your every word;

Work your way throughout.

Yes, make me a little child again

Without a room for doubt.


I know that Your kingdom will belong

To childlike people here

Who come to you with yielded wills

And hearts true and sincere.


The cares of age come pressing on

But why be burdened down?

Make me a child again, dear Lord;

Erase the fearful frown.


So Father, help me to smile at life,

As a child smiles each day.

Give me a childlike heart of love

To follow in Your way.


Richard Hollerman


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