Polygamy or Sodomy?


Polygamy or Sodomy?

Is homosexuality any more acceptable in society than polygamy?  Or are they both unacceptable?  Ken Herman asks, “Are we sliding down the slippery slope toward polygamy?” (August 19).

Herman believes that homosexuality is acceptable in our culture: “A ban on same-sex marriage illegally restricts some people from a right (marrying any other one person they choose) that others have.  Nobody, however, has the right to marry more than one person.”

In contrast, I would raise a moral objection to both, one based on our inherent sense of right and wrong.  It is self-evident that the body is physically made for a man and a woman to come together in marriage.  Only they can bear children.  This shows that a male-male relationship is obviously a perversion of “nature.”  What is unnatural in the moral realm is not right, regardless of amoral judges’ pronouncements.

God originally created man and woman, Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26-27; 2:18-24).  God wants one man and one woman to marry, which excludes homosexuality and polygamy; God didn’t create two women.  Sodomy and polygamy are ruled out on the same basis.  Society, therefore, should recognize what both nature and God declare—polygamy and homosexuality are immoral and wrong.

[This letter had to be abridged greatly to make it conform to the newspaper’s 200 work limit. So much had to be omitted that the argument was not as clear.]

Richard Hollerman


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