Good People?


Good People?

Jonathan Gurwitz writes that homosexuals who are “good people” should not be kept out of the military.  He argues that there have been sodomites in the armed forces in the past and this shouldn’t keep people out of the military today.  Therefore, he asserts that the “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” ruling should be canceled.

The problem is that Gurwitz must be deceived into thinking that a sodomite can be a “good person.”  Actually, God says that those who are sexually immoral are “unrighteous” people (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).  Until recently, the American public as a whole would have agreed with this fact.  Homosexuals—as well as adulterers and fornicators—are all immoral people, therefore “unrighteous,” and consequently they cannot be “good people.”  The Bible says that those who are sexually immoral and remain in this sinful lifestyle “cannot inherit the kingdom of God.”

Moreover, I believe that most “straight” or normal soldiers would have real problems with sharing a bathroom or dorm with a sodomite.  How could this make for an efficient military?

 Let’s take our assessment of people from the Bible, God’s Word, and not the fallible and deceived opinions of fellow-humans.

Richard Hollerman

March 5, 2010


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