Do Away with “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”? Yes


Do Away with “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”? Yes


(The Collegian)

I’m appalled at the ultra-liberal editorial in The Collegian.  The writer insists that President Clinton’s policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” should be overturned by congress.

Actually, the policy never should have been instituted.  No homosexual should ever be permitted in the military.  It implies official approval to an immoral lifestyle.  A country that says, “In God We Trust,” should never promote such a demeaning practice—whether homosexuality, fornication, adultery or any other deviant activity.

The article says 30 nations permit sodomy in their armies. Why no mention of the many nations that prohibit homosexuality, especially in strategic areas such as defense?  It will definitely decrease military effectiveness.

Let’s be known around the world as a nation that stands for God’s good moral law!  Let’s not be known for sexual decadence.  Many fellow nations are deeply offended by it.  Let’s change this by totally barring sexual immorality throughout the military.

Richard Hollerman

(P. S. We are only dealing with the issue of sodomy or homosexuality in this letter to the editor. We are not addressing the issue of the Christian perspective of war and military in general, an issue discussed in other articles on this website.)


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