Is Texas Christian University Really Christian?


Is Texas Christian University

Really Christian?

Today’s article (“TCU: The heritage of inclusiveness, tolerance and service will continue”) by Chancellor Victor Boschini is disappointing.  There is no sign of remorse at all over TCU’s plans to cater to sodomites on their campus.  Surely this institution was begun in the 1800s with the intention of offering Christian education and a Christian context of learning.  If the University seeks to cater to the immoral practice and lifestyle of homosexuality, defending this on the ground of “inclusiveness,” they should be honest enough to take “Christian” out of the name “Texas Christian University.”  Since homosexuality is so plainly condemned by Christ, it has no place in any institution that claims the label, “Christian.”

If the school wishes to be broadminded and inclusive, instead of merely having a homosexual dorm, why don’t they have other dorms to accommodate other segments of the student body?  Perhaps they should have a dorm for fornicators and another one for adulterers.  They could establish one for pedophilias, one for polygamists, and yet another for pornographers.  If the school insists on catering to the sexual immoral, why don’t they go all the way?

It is far better for TCU to live up to its name and strive to be more Christian—rather than more immoral and less Christian.  As it stands, let it be called “Texas University” and not claim the worthy “Christian” name.

Richard Hollerman


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