Creation Compromises


Compromises in the realm of the Bible and evolution may sound reasonable; however, they result in both poor theology and poor evolutionary theory. Henry F. Ball’s letter (Aug. 31, 1999) on “Creation Explanation” fails to do justice to the issues of creation and evolution.

On the one hand, a strict evolutionary theory has no place for a Creator who began everything with the “Big Bang.” In a universe of change God just doesn’t have a place. On the other hand, the Bible cannot in any way be reconciled with organic evolution since it clearly teaches that all life (plant, animal, and human) was created by God out of nothing. It teaches that the major “kinds” of living things were formed in the beginning, thus man has not descended from non-human ancestors. Simply speaking, true evolution has no room for God and true Biblical creationism has no place for evolution. Ball’s “theistic evolution” is not plausible.

Ball and every other evolutionist (including so-called “theistic evolutionists”) should be willing to consider the massive weight of evidence that supports the Biblical account of creation. Even evolutionists are admitting the impossibility of their theory. Thousands of scientists have examined the evidence and have concluded that the Bible is true! Once a person departs from the Biblical Creator and devises his own convenient, undefined, nebulous “creator,” he is in a realm of his own imagination and speculation. Only the God of Scripture can provide the final word on the origin of all things—as well as our own destiny.

Richard Hollerman

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