Let’s Admit It!


Letter to The Collegian
Let’s Admit It!

(Creation vs Evolution)

I must take strong exception to Editor Frances Matteck’s article in the April 8 edition of The Collegian.  Matteck lauds the recent decision by the Texas State Board of Education to not allow the “weaknesses” of evolution to be discussed in science classes of Texas, but only the so-called “strengths.”  (Interestingly, the vote was eight to seven, meaning that one single person was responsible for this disastrous decision that will affect all of Texas children for years to come!)

There are several reasons why this decision was a wrong one.  First, Matteck freely admits that “a valid argument can be made for and against” naturalistic explanations for the existence of the universe and life as compared to arguments for the creation of all things by a “designer” (God).  This is true, thus why would educators refuse to look at a view (creation) that has as many arguments for it as does the evolution theory?

Second, evolutionary theories utterly contradict basic laws of science.  The law of biogenesis states that life comes only from life, not from non-life.  That is, it is impossible for living things to come from rocks!  It is not possible and utterly irrational to think that life could arise from primordial slime!  Furthermore, as Ron Carlson said, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, a basic law of physics, states that “everything in the universe is going from a state of organization and complexity and is running downward, or degenerating toward chaos and disorganization.”  This law of entropy contradicts the evolutionary principle that everything is moving from simplicity and chaos to greater organization and complexity.

Third, the vast complexity and design of the universe as well as the intricate components of atomic particles and the minute elements of a single cell argue for a great designer.  Let’s be plain and honest.  Such a designer is truly the Great Designer, otherwise known as God!  It is self-evident that a creation must have a Creator.  To use the proverb, every watch must have had a watch-maker!  Watches and universes simply do not arise spontaneously!

“Since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse” (Romans 1:20).   With the clear testimony of a amazing creation, there is utterly “no excuse” for one to plead ignorance of a Creator.  Only a biased mind that refuses to acknowledge what can be seen and known in the realm of nature can deny the existence of a powerful, wise, and beneficent Designer, a righteous Judge, and a merciful God!

Evolution is impossible.  Sir Fred Hoyle, a leading mathematician and astronomer, stated before the British Academy of Science, “The probability of life arising by chance is the same probability as throwing a six on a dice five million consecutive times.”  He continued, “Let’s be scientifically honest.  We all know that the probability of life arising to greater and greater complexity and organization by chance through evolution is the same probability as having a tornado tear through a junkyard and form out the other end a Boeing 747 jetliner!”

If evolution is impossible, if it cannot be proven, if it is an historical matter and not a scientific issue, and if all that exists in the natural world witnesses to a great and powerful God and Creator, let’s be honest and brave enough to admit it.  The State Board of Education made a serious mistake.  If students think that they are not really different in kind from non-human life, their view of themselves and of society will suffer.  The State Board will discover that the morality of Texas students will continue to degenerate if they conclude that a prehistoric monkey was their grandfather and they are essentially no different than any animal, bird, fish, or amoeba!

Richard Hollerman

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