Homosexuals Can Change!

Homosexuals Can Change!

Your front-page article, “Baptists to Teach that Gays Can Change,” was very interesting, although it may have been controversial. The story concerns the lesson Baptists studied, that one who is a practicing homosexual can repent of his sin and change his lifestyle. While I am not a Baptist, I would like to address several of the statements found in the article.

The homosexuals quoted in the article seemingly fail to understand several important points. Dianne Hardy-Garcia says that the message of the lesson tells homosexuals “that they are not loved by God.” Wrong. God loves the whole world—including the one guilty of homosexuality—and because of this love He seeks to rescue people from their sinful, self-destructive practices (whether adultery, incest, drunkenness, or even homosexuality).

Bill Turner, co-chairman of the Lesbian and Gay Coalition for Justice in Tennessee, says that homosexual “Christians” are “quite convinced that they have a perfectly adequate relationship with God.” Yes, they may have this feeling. But the heart is easily deceived. The Bible still clearly says that homosexual activity involves “degrading passions,” “unnatural” acts, and “indecent acts” (Romans 1:26-27). Those who practice this sin and other sins are under God’s wrath (verses 18 and 32). But God does seek a relationship with them and all repentant people.

Tracey Conaty, of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, says that teaching against homosexuality is “very dangerous” and “can fuel intolerance.” It is true that the Bible says we are to be “intolerant” of all sin—whether homosexuality, adultery, fornication, or any other sin—but it also tells us to be kind, considerate, and loving to all people, including those guilty of perverse sexual practice.

Even Ross McLaren, who helped to prepare the lesson, is reported to have said that the teaching is meant to condemn the “sin” of homosexuality but not the sinner. This is half true. God tells us that because of sin, people are already condemned. It is neither wrong to point out sexual sins (like homosexuality) nor to point out the fact that this sin results in condemnation. It is wrong to be unkind, unmerciful, and unloving in doing this.

It is time for Americans to return to a balanced view of homosexuality, taken from both nature as well as the Bible. First, homosexuality is unnatural (the nature of our bodies and minds tells us this). Second, homosexuality is indeed sinful (but so are adultery, drunkenness, lying, and child molestation). Third, homosexuality is destructive to society, to the marriage and home, and to society at large. Fourth, God loves those who are caught up in all sin, including the sin of homosexuality, and we also should love them. And fifth, homosexuals can renounce their sin and change—just as drunkards can become sober, smokers can become abstainers, fornicators can become pure, drug addicts can become clean, and people with vulgar speech can learn to use clean speech.

The conclusion is that God will not condemn people for actions and a lifestyle that they cannot change. The lesson is indeed true: “God can and will forgive, cleanse and deliver people from all sin, including the sin of homosexuality.” Homosexuals can change, with the help of God!

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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