God and Science Belong Together


God and Science belong Together

Jim Hahn’s article (Keep science and religion separate) is a typical Deistic argument that fails to address reality.

Sadly, Hahn thinks one can devise a “Creator” of his own imagination, one who is totally separate from science and creation and may be easily dismissed. It can’t legitimately or rationally be done. While Hahn’s concept of “religion” may allow for the existence of life and all things, he urges us to not allow it to inform us of how matter or life began or continues.

Creation necessitates a Creator. It is axiomatic: the existence of creation demands God, the self-existent Creator of all things. Hahn wants to dismiss this. He thinks that life can arise out of non-life, and that matter can just begin.

Why does he and millions of others fight against the truth of God the Creator? Right-thinking philosophers observe that some people oppose creation and the Creator and embrace the false and absurd theory of evolution. Why? Because they resist the fact that accepting a creator means that one is subject to Him and His laws.

Let’s be humble (and knowledgeable) enough to reject evolution and accept creation. This is the only scientific explanation that makes sense.

Richard Hollerman



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