Homosexual Defense Exposed

Homosexual Defense Exposed

The Viewpoint article [in The Collegian, Tarrant County College] by Elizabeth Trammell, entitled “Equality Still Missing for Homosexuals,” was interesting but very inaccurate. Let me mention several examples of faulty reasoning.

First, Trammell correctly observes that God, in the Bible, says that homosexuality is a form of sin and sexual immorality. However, she mistakenly says that all sins are “equal,” thus homosexuality is “no greater crime” than a “white lie.”

It is true that homosexuality and lies are equally sin, but they are not equally serious. While they both violate God’s moral will and bring God’s judgment, homosexuality is far more heinous and far-reaching. It brought God’s judgment on Sodom (hence, “sodomy”).

Paul calls it a sin against nature itself (Romans 1:26-27). It is also a sin against one’s own body (1 Corinthians 6:18)—hence, the terrible plague of AIDS today (the majority of AIDS victims in this country are homosexual males).

Further, it is a sin against one’s own family (parents and other family members have been shamed and hurt).

It is a sin against the homosexual partners (for it degrades them as well). Finally, it is a sin against society (for open homosexuality only perpetuates the perversion, dragging others into its practice). Think too of the vast waste of human lives and billions of dollars that comes through AIDS.

Second, Trammell says that homosexuals “are only acting on natural instincts.” No, the Bible says that the passions and activities of homosexuals are “unnatural” or against the natural order. As even she says, “man and woman were made to be together.” Who “made” or created them to be together? God did. He created them “male and female,” not two males or two females.

Third, the author says that homosexuals are “not harming anyone else.” They do harm their bodies (often), their minds, their families, their spouses (if formerly married), impressionable children, and society as a whole.

Fourth, she says that homosexuals want a “loving” relationship. Genuine love blesses another; it refuses to harm another. If one loves another, he will refuse to draw such a person into an immoral and sinful relationship.

Fifth, she says this perversion does not harm children. On the contrary, children learn what they observe. They are influenced by their family and society. Those who would tolerate or even accept homosexual perversion harm children by their example.

Finally, she asks us to have an “acceptance” of this lifestyle. No, if God considers it sinful (she acknowledges this), there can be absolutely no acceptance.

Richard Hollerman
(The Collegian, TCC)

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