God Can Change the Homosexual

God Can Change the Homosexual

I do not know whether Juan Jimenez writes from ignorance or from a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth (“Painful,” FWST, Jan. 6, 2001). However, his defense of homosexual practice and lifestyle involves several false statements or beliefs.

First, he assumes that Christians condemn homosexuality because of “intolerance” of people “simply because they happen to be different.” This is patently false. Christ-like Christians can accept people of different nationalities, genders, colors, and languages. But they refuse to condone that which is immoral—including having unnatural sex with one’s own gender. What’s more, they also condemn other practices that involve immoral sexuality, such as fornication, adultery, incest, and pornography.

Second, Jimenez assumes that a heterosexual person does not “choose” to sexually relate to the opposite sex, therefore the homosexual does not “choose” to be sexually involved with a member of the same sex. False again. The writer overlooks the fact that homosexuality is unnatural. It violates the very way God created our minds and the design of our bodies. It is natural to relate to the opposite sex since this is the way God constituted us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Additionally, would it not be unjust for God to make a person into a homosexual and then condemn him for the practice of which He is responsible?

Third, Jimenez denies that homosexuals can be “cured” of their immoral sexual focus toward their own gender. Wrong again. Experience shows that homosexuals can become heterosexual in orientation. Christ can transform the immoral homosexual into a moral heterosexual. Or, the homosexual may at least become a person content in celibacy—after all, sexuality is not all there is to life! The writer’s negative and defeatest focus takes hope away from struggling homosexuals. God can give the power to change that which is unnatural to that which is natural.

Finally, the writer states, “I realize that the truth is sometimes painful.” Yes, it is. This pro-homosexual advocate needs to face the fact that this immoral orientation and lifestyle indeed is both unnatural as well as an abomination to God who created us to relate to the opposite sex. Instead of this truth being “painful,” it can be liberating and joyful!

There is hope for the homosexual who desires to change. The God who created sex will help!

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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