Acceptance, Popularity and Numbers Do not Reflect Morality


Acceptance, Popularity and Numbers Do not Reflect Morality

Increasingly the local newspapers promote various aspects of the sodomite agenda.  This media immorality (including radio, TV, and Internet) reflects the contemporary immoral age. The ultra-liberal ACLU campaigns to make sexual immorality acceptable in society. The twenty-first century is not the twentieth century! The local, state, and national governments seem to openly promote immoral causes.

Now 19 states have legalized sodomite unions (misnamed “marriages”) and the Supreme Court is expected to rule on the acceptability of homosexual unions. Even teenagers will participate in the city’s shameful “Gay Pride Week”!  We further read that 32 people in prime-time TV networks play the part of LGBT characters. A Wednesday article says that 27 briefs (including religious ones) in Texas promote sodomite unions. When will it end!

God our Creator made two genders (male and female), declaring that only they were to be united in life-long marriage (Genesis 2:18-24). Jesus Christ said that a husband and wife become “one flesh” (Matthew 19:4-6). And Romans 1 says that homosexuality involves “degrading passions” and “indecent acts” that are a perversion of God’s right way (vv. 26-27).

Let’s not forget the truth in this age of close-minded hypocrisy, blatant immorality, and sexual perversion. God knows best!

Richard Hollerman

Fort Worth Star-Telegram


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