The Issue is Not Church Doctrine



The Issue is Not Church Doctrine

Different churches debate whether to accept homosexuals within their membership. Today we read that Erika Munson (“Mormons Building Bridges”) urges her church to “be more accepting of gays.” She complains that Mormon hierarchy insist on opposing sodomites in the membership.

Many Catholics also hope that the pope will lead their church into an acceptance of sodomy. Apparently they think it’s merely changing church doctrine to conform to the growing liberalism of the membership. Liberal Protestant denominations also want a change of church doctrine to harmonize with the growing immoral trend in society.

This misses the point completely. It’s not what some church believes or practices, or what policy is passed by denominational leadership. Rather, it is a matter of what God thinks about these issues of what is moral and what is immoral. What does God’s Word state about homosexuality, adultery, and other immoral relationships?

God makes Himself clear. No practicing, unrepentant homosexual, adulterer, or fornicator enters the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). Such relationships are immoral (Romans 1:24-28) and God will condemn those who willingly indulge in practicing all immorality (Hebrews 13:4).

Churches may come and go and church doctrine may change but God’s will shall forever endure.

Richard Hollerman


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