A World in Turmoil


The tempest approaches,the storm’s drawing nigh,
The winds are increasing today;
The world all about us is falling apart,
And people are going astray.


The earth is in turmoil and evil abounds,
Corruption and sin on display;
The nations are fighting and thousands are slain,
The armies are set in array.


With nuclear weapons—missiles and bombs—
Each nation is seeking its prey;
The tanks and the planes are now poised to attack,
And can they much longer delay?


The terrorists now are increasing their schemes
And evil men plot their dark way,
With drugs, immorality, crime and despair—
This land will rot and decay.


A once beautiful land is now ugly and marred,
They’ve polluted the streams and the lakes;
Tornadoes and blizzards strike cities and towns
While thousands die from earthquakes.


The hurricanes blow and batter the coasts
While floods are angry and bold;
Volcanoes spew lava o’er mountains and plains,
And nature seems ruthless and cold.


When men see disasters and perils as these
Their hearts fill with terror and fear;
For tragedy stalks wherever they live
And suddenly it may appear.


The only sure answer in days such as these
When sin and gross evil pervade,
Is Jesus the Savior, a hope for our day,
A refuge for people afraid.


When others seek help in the might of men,
In wisdom of worldly ways,
Then turn to the Lord who now rules high above
And give Him all glory and praise.


When fears and bewilderment spread on the earth
And no one is sure what to do,
Seek Jesus and trust Him to care for you then,

For Jesus will carry you through.

Richard Hollerman

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