Not Me, But Others


There lies a feeling deep within,

A pain within my heart—

A longing for someone to feel,

And love to me impart.


My heart cries out, so destitute,

For human warmth and love,

Not man, but God, responds to me—

With affection from above.


And yet, will no one sympathize,

To reach out tenderly?

With kindly smile and gentle words

So pure and lovingly?


Where is the one who seeks to bind

The wounds, the grievous pain?

Where is the God-sent messenger

Who would my heart sustain?


Where is the one to understand,

Where is the woman fair?

Where is the man with honest heart

To offer needed care?


Why is there no one on this earth

Who seeks to empathize?

Where is the one who cries with me,

With understanding eyes?


Oh, is there not one soul who cares,

One soul to grieve with me?

One soul with whom I can rejoice

And pray on bended knee?


Can I alone walk here below

Without such tenderness?

No one to touch, to hold, to love—

A world so meaningless?


Alone while in the raging crowds

Of people here below,

Alone without someone to care,

A love I must forego?


And so I cried to God above,

So far above this strife,

Must I alone walk on the earth—

No friend, companion, wife?


Must I forever walk without

Someone to really care?

No understanding, warmth, and love—

No one to help me bear?


And then I looked to Calvary—

Forsaken by them all—

I heard His kind and loving voice

And yielded to His call.


For Jesus suffered all alone—

No one could understand;

Because of this He knows the hurt,

Extends a gentle hand.


He gives the love I have not known,

He understands the pain;

He knows my weakness, hurts and fears,

My heart He will sustain.


Because of Him and His great love,

Because He cares and knows;

Because I feel His tenderness

In Him I can repose.


So what I cannot find in man

Or woman here below,

My Lord supplies and fills my need—

His riches overflow.


And then beyond these blessings fair,

So wonderful to me,

A further thought came to my mind

That I could clearly see.


Instead of seeking love and peace,

And understanding heart,

Like Jesus I must freely give

To others and impart.


Instead of understanding seek,

I must understand;

Instead of seeking my own way,

Must live with open hand.


For e’en without companionship,

A mate or loving friend,

I can reach out a sincere heart,

And love I can extend.


If Jesus my example is

And I for Him would live,

Then as He lived and gave to all,

I must live to give.


Instead of seeking what I need,

The strength when I am weak,

Instead of longing for my own,

The good of others seek.


For Calvary love is greater far

Than seeking my own need,

And if I would this love display

Must do as he would lead.


Though fellowship would be so sweet

And friendship, oh so grand,

Yet greater still is my dear Lord—

Communion hand in hand.


And so, regardless of the cost,

I reach out and I give;

No sacrifice will be too much

If I for Jesus live.


Just let me think of others’ needs,

Their problems and their pain;

As Jesus gave, so let me give,

And life will not be vain.


It is in loving I am loved,

Like Jesus I must be;

Instead of seeking I will give

Through all eternity!


Richard Hollerman


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