A World of Sin

A World of Sin

I look upon the world of man,

The world of sin and strife;

I see whom Jesus came to save

By laying down His life.


A crying, hurting, lonely world,

And one that’s filled with pain;

I see the heartache, sorrow, grief,

And see sin’s cruel domain.


I see the people groping here

To find some answer sure;

They search and seek but cannot find

A joy that will endure.


A darkness fills this land below—

It covers the earth in night;

The prince of darkness wickedly schemes

To blind men of their sight.


Perversion spreads increasingly

With theft and greed and lust;

A million babies killed each year—

The proof of courts unjust.


With God blasphemed by thought and word

And Christ denied each day,

The sacred is scoffed and ridiculed

At school, at work, at play.


Yet God in grace withholds His wrath

And righteous judgment stays,

That for His perfect patience men

May glorify and praise.


Oh fallen men and women, hear:

Repent, and turn from sin;

Escape and leave this evil world—

A new life now begin.


‘Twas Christ who died upon the cross,

Was raised to set you free;

Such love we’ll never fully grasp

Poured out for you and me.

Richard Hollerman

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