What is the Next Step?


What is the Next Step?

Proposition 2, the ban on same-sex marriage, has overwhelmingly passed in Texas.  Those who value principles of morality can be grateful for this victory of marriage, the union of a man and woman, the first institution of God our Creator. As a sincere Christian, I rejoice in this ruling.

In addition to this just law, Texas also states that polygamy is wrong and unlawful.  Texas also has strict laws forbidding sexual child abuse.  In all three issues, the state affirms Biblical teaching.   But what is next?  Is there something hypocritical here?

Both the Bible and much of the nation’s practice until the last half of the twentieth century said that divorce is generally wrong.  Both the Bible and society stated that remarriage after divorce constituted adultery.  Both the Bible and society stated that premarital sexual intercourse (fornication) was wrong, sinful, and shameful.  Both the Bible and society stated that to be unfaithful to one’s living spouse was adulterous.  Both the Bible and society stated that homosexuality on the part of either gender is wrong, sinful, and a perverted relationship.  In all of these ways, society affirmed the Biblical view that these activities and relationships are wrong, sinful, and shameful.

The question is: In a pluralistic society, with people coming from many religions and no religion at all, can one consistently condemn sodomy, polygamy, and child sexual abuse–and not also condemn other sexual practices that are likewise sinful and wrong?

Let’s stop being hypocritical!  Let’s begin to call all sexual activity that is not within a God-approved marriage to be sinful and wrong!  What is the next step?  Should it be to pronounce all sinful sexual activity to be wrong and unlawful in Texas and the whole country?

Richard Hollerman


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