Tolerance or Intolerance?

Tolerance or Intolerance?

The article, “Homosexuality Issue Resurfaces” (Star-Telegram, July 16, 1998), describes the increasingly vocal opposition to homosexuality by the conservatives and professing Christians. Supposedly, many Republicans are afraid that this negative crusade will make the party appear “intolerant.”

What is wrong with intolerance—providing we are intolerant of anything that is wrong? It seems that people are intolerant of at least some things that affect their personal lives: They are intolerant of intruders who would enter a house and kill their children; they are intolerant of drive-by killers who would murder their family members; they are intolerant of neighborhood vandals who would break their windows or slash their tires. Why not other areas?

It is time for people of principle, morality, and Christian values to become intolerant of everything that is immoral, degrading, offensive, and shameful. Whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, let these people stand up and speak out.

Let them speak out against homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and child abuse. Let them expose the danger of drugs, drink, tobacco, and premarital sex. Let them decry irresponsible husbands, feminist wives, and delinquent young people. Let them point out the dangers of evil rock music, pornographic web sites, and degrading videos. Let them show the consequences of premarital pregnancy, divorce and remarriage, adultery, and fatherless children. Most of these would have shocked an earlier generation!

The issue goes deeper than opposition to the sin of homosexuality. When it comes to these negative elements of society, why is tolerance viewed as a virtue? Instead, let professing Christians and persons of all political parties become intolerant of everything that would continue to disintegrate the family, degrade society, and plunge this country into a moral cesspool. Let us awake while there is still hope! Intolerance can be a virtue!

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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