Transgenderism: This Can’t be True!


This Can’t be True!


This Can’t be True!

I’m shocked by Star-Telegram editorials! It happened this morning. How can it happen in Texas? Maybe California or Massachusetts—but not Texas!

I refer to “Fort Worth ISD Sets Strong Gender Policy” (5/3/2006). Everyone of rightful mind knows that sexual perversion such as pedophilia, group sex, adultery, and bestiality are unspeakably sinful and wrong. The same is true of the increasingly acceptable homosexuality/sodomy. God created us as males and females (Genesis 1:26-27), declaring that marriage is only between a male and a female (Matthew 19:4-6). The same is true for the so-called “Transgenderism” that apparently school administrators are willing to accept!

The article says that a boy dressing as a girl may freely use the girl’s restroom—and vice versa! “All students” (including all in sexual perversion) must “feel accepted.” School personnel must “show respect for the student’s desires and wishes.” “Access to restrooms” must be according to the student’s own desires—not according to what he is biologically. Even parents need not be informed if their child insists on dressing and acting like the opposite gender!

This is flatly wrong! It is sinful and perversion of the way God made us. It should never happen in Fort Worth, Texas!

Richard Hollerman


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[The letter above was sent May 4 and published May 5, 2016 in the local newspaper, Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

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