Celebrate Transgenderism or Support Suicide?


Celebrate Transgenderism or Support Suicide?

Charlie Butts (OneNewsNow.com)

A conservative activist is concerned about the summer camps for transgender children that promote and normalize homosexuality, cross-dressing and transgenderism.

A recent Boston Globe front-page article tells about Camp Aranu’tiq in Connecticut, which was founded in 2010 by Nick Teich, a female who dresses as a male. Her camp allows boys to pretend to be girls, and girls are allowed to pretend to be boys. She tells the Globe that the “other choice” for many of the children is “suicide.”

Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance has taken a close look at the situation.

“Many of [the children] are getting hormone treatment to grow facial hair for girls. Some of the girls have had their breasts surgically removed. Many of them are taking puberty-blocking drugs so that they can have — quote — ‘successful’ sex-change surgery, when they get a little older, that is,” he details.

But Camenker points out that the camp and the parents who send their children to it are ignoring the fact that transgenderism is a gender-identity disorder recognized by mental health professionals who agree that what the children need is counseling.

The camp is apparently privately funded.

“The homosexual and transgender movement is fabulously wealthy,” the MassResistance president notes. “They get a lot of money from corporations and wealthy donors, so they’ve got the money to do this kind of thing.”

He thinks it is strange and disturbing that parents are altering their children’s lives forever instead of getting them counseling or simply giving them time to grow out of it. Camenker concludes, “It should be illegal” and considered “child abuse.”

A branch of Teich’s camp is in the planning stages in California.



Not only are some people chasing after people of their own gender and committing unspeaking sexual acts with them, but others go even further and devolve into what modern society has called transgenderism.  The term transgendered may be defined, “Appearing as, wishing to be considerd as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex” (The American Heritage College Dictionary).   The term transsexual has the same meaning.

In other words, when a man wishes to be a woman, he may have his sexual organs surgically removed and begin to take female hormones to appear as a woman. On the other hand, when a woman wishes to be a man, she may have her female organs removed and begin to take testosterone to look more like a man.  Obviously, the person begins to dress like and act like the gender which he or she seeks to be.

Just as Scripture refers to homosexuality and calls it “unnatural,” and involves committing “indecent acts” (Romans 1:26-27), we can see that transgenderism or transsexualism is another form of perversion—in fact, gross perversion of what God has created in the beginning. He made both male and female, man and woman, and said that this was “very good” (Genesis 1:26-31).  Today, when a man who has male DNA wants to be a woman and when a woman who has female DNA wishes to be a man, this involves gross perversion. I usually involves depraved and degraded external expressions as well

Not only is this orientation and expression sinful, but it involves other sins. It manifests discontentment—a discontent with the way God has made us. It surely shows a disregard for the morality and decency of society and it helps to pull down the morals of the country and world.  It is a evil example before children.  It says, in effect, that what God created is not really true—that there are some men who were “born” female and some women who were “born” male.

Some go so far as to say that they knew that their gender was wrong when they were as young as two or three. They wish that their parents had known this and would have cooperated with their peculiarity.  One person (in the article quoted earlier) put it this way:

If your son or daughter somehow got the idea they are really a cat on the inside, what do you do as a parent if you truly love your kids?

(A) Encourage them, as a kid, to be who or what they currently believe they are on the inside, help them get a tail and whiskers surgically implanted, walk around on all fours and enter cat shows? Or,

(B) Get them mental help?

If you love them you pick (B).

The further we get away from the truth of God, the more depraved we prove that we really are and our kids and future generations suffer.

We must agree with this writer.  However, instead of “mental” help, the person needs spiritual help to recognize the will of the Lord and form his or her perspectives on the basis of God’s own Word.

Let’s recognize this sin for what it is—a perversion of God’s good plan and an attempt to play “god” with one’s own gender identity.

–Richard Hollerman







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