The Downward Moral Plunge in America


The Downward Moral Plunge in America

Our beloved country continues its downward spiral.  The present homosexual debate, in its various forms, underlines the immoral trend that is sweeping across America.

This is indicated in various ways: Homosexuality legal in every state, homosexuals allowed in the military, homosexuals permitted to adopt children, homosexuality as required content in California education, homosexuality viewed as positive in the media. And now the president and other liberal politicians want to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Whatever popular culture says, homosexuality is an unnatural act of perversion. God created man and woman for a lifetime relationship and procreation. Homosexuality perverts this in joining two of the same gender. It changes God’s good plan for man and woman and marriage.  This sin was the reason for Sodom’s destruction. The human body itself shows that nature has male and female joined, not two men or two women. Homosexuality or sodomy is just as immoral as polygamy, pedophilia, incest, and bestiality.

Natural marriage is the bedrock of society and homosexuality twists this to its own end. Love means doing good to one’s partner. Sexual immorality (heterosexual or homosexual) cannot express genuine, sincere love. It is an oxymoron. America, wake up while we can!

Richard Hollerman


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