The Depths of Sodom Found in Washington D.C.



The Depths of Sodom Found in Washington D.C.

Richard Hollerman

The 2013 Inauguration of President Obama on Monday, January 21, offered a slap in the face of God Almighty that places this country at a new low of immorality, similar to Sodom of Old Testament fame.

The first preacher chosen, Louio Giglio, was dropped from consideration since he spoke of the wrongfulness of homosexuality 15 or 20 years ago (as to why he didn’t regularly condemn this sin since then, we don’t know). In his place, President Obama made sure he chose a minister who would endorse all forms of sodomy and even state this in his official prayer for the Inauguration.

The man chose for this infamous prayer was “Father” Luis Leon of St John’s Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. This is the official Washington Cathedral that represents the stance of the United States in official functions and it is also where many presidents of the past have chosen to attend.

“I was honored to be asked,” said Leon to CNN.  ( /01/16/the-latino- inauguration-reverend-luis -leon-to-offer- inauguration-prayer/). One report says: “In contrast, Leon’s congregation [The Washington Cathedral] has been welcoming to openly gay members. The church, which has openly gay, non-celibate priests and has had a gay bishop, announced this summer that it would bless same-sex partnerships and ordain transgender priests, according to the Huffington Post.”

This shocking statement will bring chills of horror to the hearts of any morality-minded citizen of the United States.  President Obama, the most openly affirming president of  sodomite perversion this country has ever known, chose Leon to pray on behalf of male and female sodomites, affirming their sinful and perverse sexual orientation. And this was chosen to be heard by millions and millions of Americans across this country as well as non-citizens worldwide.  It lowered the status of this country in the eyes of any morality oriented person around the globe! (Doesn’t this make us ashamed to claim American citizenship at such a time as this!)

What would President George Washington have thought of his denomination’s orientation toward homosexuality?  Until recently, this perverse orientation and practice was outlawed in every one of the 50 States of America!  But now this exceedingly liberal national church has openly sodomite “priests” and even has a practicing sodomite “bishop.”  The church will go so far as to ordain “transgender priests”!

Not only did our President grossly sin by choosing this pro-sexually immoral priest, but he forced this perverse lifestyle before the eyes and ears of the American public that chose to attend this august occasion in the nation’s capital.  This event set a precedent that forever will stand as a landmark case of wickedness and perversion and will forever go down in history (presumably in our country’s history books in the public schools). 

There is no doubt about the President’s orientation and agenda for this country.  Instead of using this occasion as an affirmation of God’s right to rule this country in righteousness and morality, the holy God of creation and the Ruler of the nation was lowered and blasphemed by a clergyman who dared to wickedly deny the Lord’s right to rule according to His will, His Law, and His Word.

As if this weren’t enough, President Obama himself, in his remarks, made it clear that he has and will continue to endorse a wicked and perverse sexual orientation during the remaining four years of his presidency.  We might add that official reports also state that Richard Blanco was also included in the inauguration and he is the first openly homosexual to take part in such a ceremony!

If there happens to be any professing “Christian” people who endorsed President Obama for the Presidency,” he or she now knows the result of a foolish and sinful decision to vote for this kind of administration.  Part of the blame for this immoral state of affairs must surely come to rest at the feet of such foolish professing “Christians” and will not be erased until the precious blood of Christ is applied to such sinful folly.

Let every moral citizen of America be willing to stand for truth, holiness and righteousness in light of this affront to everything pure and holy.  Let us diligently “pursue . . . holiness without which no one will see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14).



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