Suggestons on the Feminism Issue and Women Speaking

Suggestons on the Feminism Issue and Women Speaking

We realize that more and more, people do hold an egalitarian view of man and woman, just as we find in culture. But remember, our culture is sub-Biblical or even anti-Biblical. In other words, we find that the Biblical view of man and woman has been perverted.

The feminist agenda, which is so popular today, is an abomination to God our Creator. When we try to find justification for the woman’s equality with man, we do injustice to God and the inspiration of Scripture, His Word. I suggest that you read a few of the articles that address this subject. They do show that God made the woman, loves the woman, and has given the woman an exalted place. But that place is different from that of the man. It is an offense against our Creator to suggest that the man and the woman have the same roles in life, in marriage, or in society.

So here are a few articles for you to read:

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