The Cultural Rejection of Biblical Instruction on Women


The Cultural Rejection of Biblical Instruction on Women

The Cultural Rejection of Biblical Instruction on Women

Richard Hollerman

It is no surprise to any of us that we are living in a feminist revolution unlike anything of the past. In this “revolution” women are demanding what they call “liberation” and “freedom” from restraints. They insist on being treated as equals to men in virtually every way. And when they find anyone who does not acquiesce to their demands, they are likely to accuse the other of chauvinism.

Society Dictates what is Acceptable

Perhaps unknown to most men and women alike, we as a society have accepted a radically different perspective from what Scripture teaches. We’ve been willing to go along with secular culture and embrace what it teaches in regard to women’s role in society and especially in religion. This is what is called, technically, secularism and culturalism.

You may ask, “What aspects of society have been affected by this different view of women?” Many are the various aspects. At one time, people recognized that the man was the head of the marriage and family; today the father and mother share this role. At one time, men received an education which prepared them to assume the bread-winning role in a family; today more women graduate from college than men! At one time, men governed the country (here we are speaking of America); today the goal is for both men and women to govern together. At one time, a man was to be president; today a woman may freely become president (such as Hillary Clinton attempted to be). At one time, it was assumed that the man would be a teacher of children; today there are more women who fulfill this role. The examples could easily go on. The bottom line is that women have taken a totally different role than was expected of them in the past—and generally this has been with male encouragement and permission!

Since society as a whole embraces evolutionism, people assume that this perspective is an advancement over the past view of God being creator. Since society no longer recognizes Scripture as the foundation of society and the guide for life, people today assume that they are free to place a women into any role they might choose. Thus we find women becoming “policemen,”  “fire men,” road workers, bus and taxi drivers, college professors, and nearly every other position in society. Humanistic oriented men and women just think that society has a “right” to place a woman into nearly every position of society as a man. Generally people just think that a woman may occupy the position of president of an entire nation—whether America, Germany, England, or many other countries. This attitude toward role is thought to be only right. In fact, we repeatedly hear, “It is our right to fill every position that is open to the man!”

If anyone objects to this feminist perspective, they will probably be ridiculed as being old fashioned, an old foggy, a male chauvinist, a fundamentalist, or worse. Probably most people—whether male or female—don’t realize that they are rejecting Biblical norms and Scriptural standards. Most people don’t really care that the Bible teaches male leadership in the home, in the government, in education, in society as a whole. They wrongly think that they are free to choose their own way and follow what they want to do. For some reason, they feel that a woman’s role is her own business. “Religion must have no part in this!” is the common attitude.

Biblical Instruction

The Bible is plain that the man is to be the head in the home and society. After Scripture says that the woman is “not permitted to speak” in the assembly but are to “subject themselves” for “it is improper for a woman to speak in church” (1 Corinthians 14:33-35), we further read that Scriptural limitations to the woman’s role about men and women “are the Lord’s commandment” (v. 37). The same is found in 1 Timothy 2:8-15 where we read that the woman is to “quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.” Instead, the woman is not permitted “to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.”

Some of us know enough about the Bible to know that only the men are permitted to become “overseers” (also known as shepherds/pastors and elders/presbyters). They alone are allowed to become public teachers of mixed audiences. They alone are permitted to become “servants” (or deacons). They alone are permitted to speak in the assembly of saints. Wouldn’t this disallow a woman from having a public role in Christian gatherings? And wouldn’t this also forbid a woman from having a leadership role in other venues of society?

We know that most women and men (even church-going ones) would ridicule these plain statements—but they are still in inspired Scripture, the Word of the Living God. We might plead that they are given to people years ago, but there is no indication that they would be out of date in our time.

Do we really claim to be Christians and are guided by the authoritative commands of  God in Scripture? If not, why would we call ourselves children of God or Christians?  Why not just throw it all out and openly confess that we should just reject God’s Word and submit ourselves to the dictates of society? Why not plainly claim to follow the demands of educational authorities, the entertainment sources, the government, and business? Why not say that God’s Word is “out of date” and “a relic of the Dark Ages”? Why cling to the Bible when we are unwilling to obey the dictates of Scripture?


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