Responses About Dinosaurs


Responses About Dinosaurs

A large number of readers responded to my letter of a couple weeks ago in which I stated that both the Star-Telegram and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History were wrong in their contention that dinosaurs were the result of blind evolution and that they lived 100 million years ago.  I stated that this view is based on a biased evolutionary framework that denies both the Bible as well as the scientific findings of thousands of scientists with advanced degrees in many different fields of study.  Most of the respondents thought that my view was ludicrous and that it denied the “fact” of evolution that is held my everyone with a any knowledge of science.

In response, consider this:  First, according to studies, the belief that God created human beings and all animals, fully developed, during a six-literal-day creation is believed by about 50 percent of Americas.  Regardless of whether it is accepted or not, we must reckon with the fact that large numbers of people from all walks of life do believe what I stated.  It should not be discarded as a view held by a few fanatics.

Second, a relatively recent literal creation agrees with a literal reading of the creation of the world in Genesis 1.  It further agrees with what Moses wrote (Exodus 20:11).  And Jesus said that man and woman have been on earth from the very beginning of the world (Mark 10:6).  Surely dinosaurs are as old as man, thus they were contemporaneous. 

Third, dozens of reliable volumes written by degreed scientists offer dozens of evidences of a recent creation of not more than about 10,000 years ago.  This evidence should be examined by open-minded readers.

Fourth, although unbelieving, atheistic, or liberal evolutionary theorists do control most major universities and much of the media, there are yet thousands of creation scientists of many disciplines with earned advanced scientific degrees who believe in a recent creation and assert that both man and dinosaurs were contemporaries.

Fifth, the honest and unbiased reader may inquire further by consulting the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego ( that has a membership of numerous scientists.  Further, the reader may seek information from other creation organizations and educational institutions (,,,,

These are some of the reasons why I wrote my original letter, charging that it is unfair for museums to present the evolutionary theory and wrong for schools to teach an unfounded view that purports to be scientific, especially while overlooking the creation view that has ample scientific evidence.

Richard Hollerman



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