Ancient Dinosaurs?


I find it amazing and dismaying that you can run an article like the one in today’s issue (May 24), entitled, “Cretaceous Creatures.”  The article describes the new exhibit at the Museum of Science and History, dealing with dinosaurs that roamed Texas in the past.

We obviously know that dinosaurs of many kinds existed.  New species are being discovered.  We also know that many lived in our state of Texas.  However, the article presented as a matter of fact that these creatures lived 95 to 115 million years ago, during the so-called Cretaceous period.  This is pure speculation. 

There are thousands of degreed scientists from many different fields–including paleontology, biology, zoology, and archaeology–who would differ from what the Star-Telegram purports to be established history.  These trained scientists would assert, with reliable and ample evidence, that the earth is only 6,000 to perhaps 10,000 years old, and not several billions of years old.  The dinosaurs were here at the beginning of time, when God created all things, including human and animal life.  Evidently, these giant reptiles died out soon after the worldwide deluge at the time of Noah.

While it is true that the Bible teaches a relatively young earth with all life (including dinosaurs) being part of God’s original creation, this fact can also be substantiated by numerous scientific evidences.  The Creation Research Society, among other scientific organizations, can offer a wealth of information to the ardent truth-seeker and open-minded inquirer.

I would encourage the Star-Telegram to cease the kind of biased reporting that was reflected in the article mentioned.  I would also challenge the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History to be willing to present the “other side” of the story of dinosaurs–that these creatures were not the product of evolutionary and naturalistic developments a hundred million years ago, but were the creation of our great, all-powerful, all-wise Creator!

Richard Hollerman


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