Love Your Children


Dear parent, God has given you
A child to care from birth,
A child of great potential here–
A gift of wondrous worth.

Your little ones are growing up;
They’re aging by the day.
Dear parent, teach and train your own
And mold them while you may.

While young and fresh and soft of heart,
Present them to the Lord.
Dear mother, lead your little ones
And reap a rich reward.

Dear parents, train your little child–
The world is ever near–
For sin and evil, lust and greed,
Are enemies to fear.

Protect your children and your teens
From schools that lead astray,
From humanistic influence
That molds a child each day.

From teachers, books, and worldly ways,
From pressures all around,
From sinful thought with danger fraught–
Vast perils can be found.

Do not subject your precious child
To Satan’s subtle scheme
To mold his tender mind and heart
And to destroy your dream.

Instead, dear parent, give your child
An education rare–
Where God is honored, His Word is taught,
And children learn with prayer.

Your son and daughter must be taught
That narrow way to trod,
To know true values of the Word,
To love and serve our God.

Determine now to teach and train
Your precious child of love,
Of pure and godly character
Prepared for heaven above.

Richard Hollerman

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