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By Richard Hollerman


Sports are amazingly popular today! From baseball and football to soccer and golf, from horseracing and bowling to basketball and swimming, we must say that the vast majority of people in America seem to be obsessed with sports and athletics. Beginning in elementary school and continuing to the major leagues, people read about sports, view sports, talk about sports, and may even participate in sports.

Have you ever wondered what God thinks of sports? Have you pondered what the Christian’s view of sports should be? Now there is a book in print that thoroughly discusses these questions and gives clear, straightforward answers from the Word of God.

The Question of Sports is a 288-page volume, containing 529 endnotes. Although it is fully documented, the book is easy to read. It discusses the history of sports in the world and in America, the peril and negative features of sports, and the attempts to justify sports from a Christian viewpoint. It clearly shows that the devoted Christian who seeks to follow the Lord in harmony with His word will avoid viewing and participating in the sports of the world while, at the same time, he will be interested in maintaining a healthy, active body as God provides.

This book is available for the retail price of $8.55 plus postage of $3.95. Two copies are available for $23.05 (two times $8.55 plus $5.95). Send your requests to:

Rod and Staff Publishers

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