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Dinosaurs Alive!

The Sept. 3, 2008 issue of The Collegian carried a report entitled, “Omni theater reopens with a ROAR.”  The article tells of the reopening of the Omni Theater, with its spectacular shows and 50-speaker sound system.  The story has a caption on a photograph, with these significant comments: “A still from Dinosaurs Alive!, a movie at Omni Theater at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, shows a Tarchia and Tarbosaurus encounter one another in combat on the Gobi Desert 80 million years ago.”

I’ll never cease to be amazing at how simple such statements about dinosaurs are often made, filled with assumptions and arrogant unbelief.   There is no reference to the “theory” of evolution, the “belief” that dinosaurs lived 80 million years ago, or the idea that there is another competing belief on origins and the age of the dinosaurs.  It is usually just assumed to be true.  The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, along with other leading museums in the country, simply assert that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and they think they have evidence for this assertion.

Years ago, the Museum had a special display, at the very time that the movie, “Jurassic Park,” was released.  I stood outside the building, distributing literature that showed the fallacy of the current dinosaur theories that seem to be accepted by museums, school textbooks, college professors, popular books and magazines, and television.  Generally, they either avoid the view that God created dinosaurs and evolution is false, or they ridicule the idea as a “religious belief” that has been outdated and disproved.  How false!

I found it interesting that The Collegian article mentions changes that have recently occurred regarding dinosaurs.  It says that the Velociraptor (as found in the movie, Jurassic Park) actually had feathers, thus dinosaur evolutionists have had to change their theories and the pictures of this animal!  In addition, now the dinosaur students think that the Oviraptor guarded its eggs instead of being an egg predator!  These admissions are only a few that show how changeable and unreliable false evolutionary theories are.

Why doesn’t The Collegian at least state that some scientists think (but do not know) that dinosaurs may have lived during the Jurassic age?  Why didn’t the newspaper at least admit that many people, including many TCC students and even some reputable scientists from all scientific disciplines, believe that dinosaurs lived only thousands of years ago and not millions of years in the past?  Why doesn’t The Collegian admit and why doesn’t the Fort Worth Museum confess that knowledgeable persons in this country are entirely convinced (with scientific evidence and fact—not with theories) that God created all things in the beginning, and this beginning was in the relatively recent past?  Why is this plausible view of creation seemingly covered up and denied? 

In fact, God did create all things—including the dinosaurs.  Our Maker created all things in the beginning of time, by His wise design and infinite power.  Let no student or anyone else be intimidated by the shifting sands of unbelieving scientists who refuse to look at the established facts in an unbiased way and admit that there is compelling evidence that God did create the world and all things in it, in the relatively recent past.  A number of organizations can inform us of the “other side” of this issue—and the unbiased student should be willing to consider this evidence:

Answers in Genesis (answersingenesis.org), Institute for Creation Research (icr.org), Creation Evangelism (drdino.com), Apologetics Press (apologeticspress.org), Scientific Facts and Evolution (evolution-facts.org), Creation Answers (creationanswers.net).

Be willing to examine the evidence—and realize that if the evolutionist were true, then in a few short years we’ll all be gone and it won’t matter.  On the other hand, if the believing Creationist is true, then everyone will be aware of it throughout eternity.  It is that simple!

Richard Hollerman

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