Creation is a Fact, Deal with it!


Letter to the Editor

Creation is a Fact, Deal with it!

I am writing regarding Chris Webb’s editorial, “Evolution is a fact, deal with it.”  (Sept. 17, 2008).  I am shocked and chagrinned that Webb is so dogmatic in his insistence that evolution and only evolution be taught in the schools, even though he frankly admits that evolution “will remain a theory.”

Please consider the facts, though these facts may not please Chris.  First, if evolution is merely a theory (and I agree with Chris on this), how can it be presented by some high school and university teachers as an established fact?  This is very dishonest and should not be tolerated.

Second, science is not at all on the side of evolution, but even more science is on the side of the one who believes God created all things.  Reputable scientists from all academic disciplines firmly believe that the established facts give evidence of creation instead of evolution.  And not just creation in the remote past—but creation in the recent past!

Third, at least half of American citizens believe in creation of life and all things.  Why should unbelieving evolutionists be given the exclusive right to promulgate their theories when creationists are not given the same right?

Fourth, evolution has all of the markings of a religion—one that dictates one’s belief system and even lifestyle.  Why should the evolutionistic religionists be allowed to spread their unbelieving theories as a religion when Christians are not given the same right?

Fifth, thousands of scientists testify that the complexities and vastness of the universe simply demand a Creator—one who made all things, including the fantastically intricate DNA.  Design does demand a great and all-powerful Designer!

Sixth, true science tells us that every effect must have a cause.  When we see the existence of matter, we can know that it didn’t create itself, thus it must have had a wise, all-powerful and eternal Creator.   The second law of thermodynamics dictates that the universe is “running down,” thus there must have been a time when it was “wound up” by its Maker.

Finally, we may wonder what the effect evolution has had in the world.  The racism of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (that said that the Negro represented a lower form of life) was based on a false evolutionary belief!  Hitler’s attempt to eliminate the Jew was based on his evolutionary conviction that this ethnic strain was inferior in the evolutionary framework, thus he should promote a “super race” of the evolutionary superior!  Stalin and other mass murderers likewise saw the need to “help” evolution along and produce a super race of people by eliminating the inferiors.

Chris, I hope that you will take the time to examine the evidence for God’s creation in contrast to unbelieving evolution.  Check out,,,,

You may be surprised at what you find!  Hopefully, you will conclude that “Creation is a fact, deal with it”!

Richard Hollerman


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