At Sunset

At Sunset

When evening comes at the close of day
To that special place I go.
‘Tis there the marvels of God display
To my wondering eyes below.

The shadows fall at eventide
While the sun sinks in the west.
The darkness steals o’er the countryside
To bring us quiet rest.

The sun resplendent to my eyes,
Surpasses finest art;
For glories here we realize
Touch deep within our heart.

The sky with radiance fills our sight;
The blazing sun descends;
The flush of heaven, red and bright,
All beauty here transcends.

The final rays delight us so,
In crimson clouds so fair.
We then behold the afterglow—
What else can e’er compare?

In stillness now the darkness falls;
The earth so quiet lies.
We listen as the night bird calls
And lift our wondering eyes.

Behold, our God again displays
His glory and His power;
And we, with our adoring gaze,
Praise Him this sacred hour.

The stars across the darkened dome,
The moonlight, warm and clear,
Remind us of our heavenly home,
And bring our Father near.

We fall to our knees in worshipful prayer
Beneath the heavenly light.
The presence of God we are so aware
This glorious and beautiful night.

Richard Hollerman

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