Blessed Fellowship

Blessed Fellowship

A fellowship with Christ my Lord,

A blessedness sublime,

A depth of knowledge of His love

For now and for all time.


Through Christ the Son I’m reconciled

To God who dwells above;

And yet He dwells inside of me—

The Father whom I love.


And so in fellowship with both

The Father and the Son,

True joy will ever flood my soul

For Christ and I are one!


Loved of Christ with perfect love,

His love will ne’er grow cold;

And now I love Him in return

For love so manifold.


How can it be that God has come

To live within my heart?

I am the Father’s own abode—

He never will depart.


“Abide in Me and I in you,”

Are words that Jesus said;

I eat of Him who once declared,

“I am the living Bread.”


The Father in His blessed Son—

A mystery now revealed;

The Son of God abides in us—

Our lives to Him we yield.


He is the soil in which we live,

Our roots in Him we sink;

He is the air we daily breathe—

He is our food and drink!


Oh Jesus, blessed Son of God,

I trust You and obey;

Reveal Yourself in love and grace—

Abide in me each day.


I seek to know You deep within

For love You have bestowed.

I long for greater holiness

For I am Your abode.


So Jesus, please be ever near,

And always with me stay;

For life with You is life indeed—

For this I humbly pray.


Richard Hollerman


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