Will I Be Reincarnated?



Will I Be


“I’ve been places, for apparently the first time, and yet I felt like I’d been there before.” “I just can’t believe that we only have one life on this earth.”

I can understand your experience very well. At one point, I thought that after I died I would come back to earth in a different form, at a future time! Some people even believe that they have lived a previous life on this planet!

If you really think about it, your belief in reincarnation can not be absolutely substantiated. In truth, it is ultimately unverifiable, and could thus be called a “speculation”. Yet, the consequences of being wrong in this one area are, to say the least, dangerous. The assumption that you will live another life on this earth, though no absolute evidence can support this idea, is potentially the most perilous concept you may ever entertain.

I would like to suggest that, before you finalize your beliefs in this area, you consider not only the other options, but also the ultimate consequences of such a view of life.

First of all, the Bible, which is the most published book ever written, emphatically rejects the theory of reincarnation when it says that “it has been appointed for man once to die, and after this the judgment.” (1)

In other words, every human being has been created by God to live one life on this earth, which will subsequently be followed by a divine judgment. (2) It would certainly seem proper for God to grant each person one life in order to determine the basic intent of their motives. The Bible also says that for those who do not live a full life on this earth, they will ultimately be judged by the fairest person who ever lived, God Himself. (3)

Secondly, our one life on earth was not meant to be the ultimate purpose for our existence. The Bible says that God’s original intention was for people to spend eternity with Him as His sons and daughters, and not merely to make repeated journeys to and from this earth.

In order to extend your life after you die you need not believe in reincarnation. Jesus said, “He who trusts in me has everlasting life.” (4)

The ultimate fruit of the theory of reincarnation can be seen in the devastation of the cultures that adhere to it. In India, for example, people are allowed to starve, while cows, which could be used for meat, freely roam the streets. Concern that they might be killing a distant relative, enables those who believe in reincarnation to allow rats to eat their grain.

Finally, I believe the main reason reincarnation is false is because it teaches a gross irresponsibility toward our present lives. If we will not receive final judgment for what we do in this life, then there is no point in living the way Go intended us to. Let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die only to come back as an animal.

Dear friend, I encourage you to not allow an erroneous theory to cause you to miss out on an eternal relationship with God.

Bible References: (1) Hebrews 9:27; (2) 2 Corinthians 5:10; (3) Revelation 15:3-4; (4) John 6:47.



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