Who is Knocking at Your Door?

Who is Knocking at Your Door?

The Dilemma of Negative, Close-minded, Deceived Watchtower Witnesses

Richard Hollerman

If you are like me, you occasionally have someone knock at your door and want to pass you some of their religious literature. This may be two Mormons who promote Joseph Smith’s doctrine, or it may be members of the Moonies, or—more likely—you will find two Watchtower Witnesses with smiling faces and a hand full of literature that you will find as you open your door.

This morning I was working in the back yard and my wife informed me that there was someone at the front door. I walked around and found a smiling and friendly man, wearing a suit, who offered me a copy of their literature—either a copy of Awake! or a copy of Watchtower. I openly took the copy and told him to stay right there, then I quickly slipped inside my front door where I picked up a copy of my booklet, Shipwreck to Salvation. I immediately went back outside and (with his literature in my hand), I placed a copy of my booklet in his hand!

Can you imagine what happened next? He said he couldn’t or wouldn’t take it, and was about to give it back to me. I replied, “You gave me your literature and I agreed to read it and discuss it with you. Now you have my booklet and you can let me know what you think of it.” Doesn’t this sound reasonable?  It wasn’t something that Jim (we’ll call him that) was willing to do. He again said that he wouldn’t want to read it. I again reminded him of the “even trade”—that I would read his literature if he would read mine. No, this wasn’t acceptable to Jim. He opened his Scriptures (the New World Translation—a very inferior and prejudicial “translation” that is uniformly condemned by Greek scholars) and said that is all he needs. (He overlooked the fact that Witnesses insist on something other than the Scriptures—their own prejudicial and slanted literature!

I pointed out to the visitor that he should be willing to accept what he reads in the Scriptures and not what ten men from Brooklyn tell him to believe. No, he said that he will take the Bible. I said that I would go over the Scriptures with him—if he agrees to read it without having ten or so Witness authorities telling him what to believe and what do disbelieve. No, this was not acceptable to him. With that, he handed my booklet back to me—and I chose to hand his literature back to him. I reminded him that it was his choice and that he was the one who is refusing to read something other than Witness literature. I invited him to come back when I had time to sit down with him and study. And with that he walked away.

I am continually shocked with the way Witnesses are deceived about the basic teachings of Scripture. I am reminded of the many times we are told, “Do not be deceived” (cf. 1 Corinthians 6:9; 15:33; Galatians 6:7; James 1:16; 1 John 3:7). Paul also declared, “Let no man deceive himself” (1 Corinthians 3:18). Deception is a very real danger! John wrote, “The whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19). Scripture says that Satan “deceives the whole world” (Revelation 12:9). Not only Jim but the entire world has been deceived by the devil! The “gospel is veiled to those who are perishing” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

In the past, I would go to the local convention center in the summertime when some 11,000 Witnesses would gather for several days of instruction each year, to be motivated to share their false teachings with more people. (There must have been about four different conventions since there were too many for a single one.) Their “Organization” (which is the way they like to refer to their institution) keeps strict records on how many hours a Witness spends knocking on doors, setting up studies, and handing out literature. And, of course, they want to know how many people are baptized. All of this will mean something at the Judgment, according to Witness theology.

I’ve tried to distribute literature to these people as they come out of the Convention Center, and few people will ever choose to receive literature. The last time I was there, not a single person took literature, as I recall. About four or six of their Witness leaders stood guard over me, not allowing any of their members to take literature from my hand. They also called the police and the officer illegally forced me to cross the busy highway to the other side where I could not reach most of the Witnesses as they exited the Center. I must say that these people are probably the most close-minded, close-hearted, hard-hearted, deceived, and even belligerent religious people I’ve ever met! They tell their followers that I am an “apostate” even after I repeatedly tell them that I’ve never been part of their Witness Organization. (They believe in “theocratic lying.”)

Even pointing out to these people that they will stand before God in judgment and give an account for the way they have treated me and rejected truth is not enough to sway them. Scripture mentions those who “perish” with these words: “They did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved” (2 Thessalonians 2:10). Paul continues, “For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness” (vv. 11-12). We must be reminded of the fact that falsehood is part of wickedness, and this is just what the Organization stands for. God’s Word says that such people are “slaves” of “their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting” (Romans 16:18).

It is true that they have “smooth and flattering” speech, and by this they hope to gain entrance into your home so they can sit down with you and promote their false teachings by means of their Watchtower literature—whether it be their two magazines or their newest paperback or hardback book.

These zealous people have been so steeped in Witness literature that they will not consider anything else. They have been told to not even take literature from your hands—though they insist on sharing their literature with you. The absolutely scary thing is that they are so brainwashed that they are willing to place their eternal destiny into the hands of about ten Witness leaders in Brooklyn, New York, along with their local elders, and especially the “Organization” that has published the books and magazines that they prize. As Scripture would put it, they have “a zeal for God, but not in accordance with knowledge” (Romans 10:2).

What Can We Do?

Several things come to mind:

  1. Know the Word of God yourself. We know that “all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). If you don’t know the Bible, how can you share God’s truth with others—including the Watchtower Witnesses?
  2. Be sure that you, personally, are saved from sin and have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Be sure of your own salvation so that you may point people to Jesus Christ, the only way, truth, and life (John 14:6).
  3. Know something about these devoted people. Know their basic doctrines and how they differ from the Scriptures. Beware, for their doctrines are based—in part—on Bible verses that are pulled out of context or are mistranslated in their faulty translation.
  4. Don’t chase these people away from your door. Invite them in—only with the agreement that you will use the Bible as your standard of truth (cf. John 8:31-32; 17:17). Know why what they say is false and what the truth is so that you might be able to use God’s word to refute them. You’ll be able to “exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict” (Titus 1:9). Use the truth of God to counteract the error of Satan. Remember that these devoted people are actually following “deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).
  5. Have a capable friend to sit in with you. If you have set up an appointment with a Witness, you might want to call a trusted and knowledgeable brother to be present for he may be able to share truth in a more accurate way with the Witness visitor (2 Timothy 2:15).
  6. Remember, that the Witnesses normally visit two at a time. One of them is the older and more experienced trainer, while the other one is a newer convert who is learning how to approach people and share their message. Although it may be possible to reach the heart of the experienced Witness, it is probably the part of wisdom to focus on the learner who doesn’t have many years of false indoctrination.
  7. Pray for yourself and for them. Pray that God will give you words to speak and use the Bible as your source of truth. Pray that the Lord will open the heart of these visitors and give you wisdom in the situation.
  8. Remember that these are devoted people who have had to make many sacrifices to arrive where they are. They may have lost their family, lost their marriage, lost their job, and lost membership in their church. They give much of their income to support the Organization and pay for the literature that they distribute. Thus, they have a weighty investment in this matter. We can appreciate this sacrificial attitude even if it is wrongly-directed and controlled by Satan.
  9. Have a genuine love for these people. Many homeowners have rejected them without even knowing why. Many have treated them badly and maligned them at the door. Many have closed the door in their face. Remember that these are people for whom Christ died and who are loved by God. Treat them with respect. Just because they are closed and belligerent, doesn’t mean that you need to be the same. As Scripture says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21).

If we have the above attitudes and use these principles, it may be that God will use you to reach the heart of these deceived people. Ask God to use you and prepare to be used by the Lord with these difficult cases. May God bless you—and me—as we reach out in love to one and all, including the Watchtower Witnesses.


I have been calling these people the Watchtower Witnesses. They call themselves “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” taking Isaiah 43:10 as their proof text (however, this has nothing to do with a name for a people or an organization). However, they really are not “Jehovah’s” witnesses, for they contradict the truth of Yahweh or Jehovah. Further, the Bible says, “A faithful witness will not lie, but a false witness speaks lies” [Proverbs 14:5]. If these Watchtower Witnesses were “faithful,” they would speak the truth. And since they do speak lies, they cannot be faithful witnesses. Instead, they are false witnesses!  Further, these Witnesses insist on calling God “Jehovah,” a mistranslation of the Hebrew Tetragrammaton—YHWH, or generally called “Yahweh.” This is just one among dozens of false teachings and false ways of this zealous and growing group.


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