Where Were You?


Where Were You?

Where were you yesterday, last week, last month?  If you are like most of us, you have been to dozens, perhaps hundreds, of different places.  At least, you have been to that many different physical locations.  But consider where you really were—emotionally, mentally, and especially spiritually.  Consider what you did and why you did what you did.

Consider the time you went to the supermarket.  You were departing from the store with a bag of groceries in your arm.  You were in a hurry to get to your car and drive home since you were so tired.  But at that time, you saw that handicapped woman struggling with her shopping cart and trying to walk to her car.  When she arrived, the woman attempted to lift the heavy sacks of food.  You walked up to her and helped her load the items in her back seat.  With a genuine smile, she said, “Thank you so much; that was so kind of you!”  What were you thinking and why did you do that good deed?

Consider another occasion.  You were at the service station and drove to the air pump just the time that another car arrived.  Both of you got out of your cars at the same time, then you noticed that the poorly dressed driver wanted to air his tires.  You beckoned for him to go first and you waited.  When he searched his pocket, he couldn’t find sufficient change for the air pump.  You graciously handed him a quarter so he could do what he had intended to do.  With a surprised expression, he smiled and said, “Thanks a lot; I appreciate that!”  This gave you the opportunity to talk about your eagerness to help people, as God brings people your way.  As you look back, why did you respond to this person the way you did?

Consider yet another incident.  One day you were thinking of the way many people have been a blessing to your life.  You sat down at your table, along with a box of simple greeting cards, a list of addresses, and a sheet of stamps.  You very simply wrote a few lines to a half dozen people, expressing your gratefulness for some kindness, some attitude, or some deed that you noticed in their life.  You glad for the opportunity to send your greetings and expressions of thanks to people who probably had not received such a note for years.  Why did you take the time to do this little task?

There must have been many other times and occasions that we could mention, but these are sufficient to ask you the question: Why do you do what you do?  What motivations do you have when you do simple and sincere deeds for the blessing of others?  Where were you yesterday, last week, or last month?  What did you do and why did you do what you did?  These are questions that require thoughtful answers. 

Let us do good.  And let us do good for worthy reasons, wherever our life leads us.  As Jesus said, “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you” (Luke 6:31).  Remember also His further words: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).  Let us treat others with love and give as we have been given by our gracious God.


Richard Hollerman

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