Where Can We Find True Security

Where Can We Find True Security?

Everyone seeks security.  From the very beginning until the present time, one of the greatest desires of the human heart is to find a sense of security.  We spend money and untiring efforts in this unending quest, but how many of us really find it?

Try as we might to find and achieve it, we discover that nothing in this life gives physical and material security and protection.  Think of the current news and what we have learned in the past few years.  The following threats come to mind.


America has tried to protect itself from terrorism but it’s impossible to completely assure our safety.  Will we ever forget the horrendous catastrophe of September 11, 2001!  Three airplanes were used as weapons to destroy more than 3,000 people who were not at all expecting this disaster.  The recent attempt to bomb Times Square in New York City shows how vulnerable the United States is.  A dozen or more countries around the world have experienced deadly terroristic attacks.


The past week has shown us that underwater oil reserves are not protected from major catastrophe.  Hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil are pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to destroy wildlife and pollute America’s beaches. 


In the past day or two we’ve seen the extensive devastation that this natural disaster can bring to Kansas and Oklahoma.  Dozens of states have had deadly twisters that produced havoc and destruction.


We’ve seen hurricanes reach the American mainland each year, some with vast destructiveness.  There have been Andrew, Camille, and others.  Last year I drove through southern Louisiana and noticed the continuing effects of last year’s hurricane that brought vast damage to the Gulf coast.

Government stability

Many Americans were shocked that the present administration came to power through a slight majority of the citizens.  “How could such a thing happen in the United States of America?” was the cry of many.  And yet it happened!  America is not what it formerly was, and probably never will be.  Security is not found in United States citizenship.


The landslide fall of stocks this past week shows that we cannot place ultimate confidence in Wall Street.  Whether we speak of the crash of 1929 or the continuing upheaval with stocks, we can see that this is not a completely safe financial alternative.

Retirement accounts

The past two years have revealed how unsafe retirement accounts are.  Millions of people have been shocked to see their savings diminished or even wiped out.  Their plans for a safe and secure retirement have been destroyed.

Job security

During the present economic downturn, millions of Americans have lost their jobs.  After working in their positions for many years, they have been dismissed and began to collect unemployment compensation.  Those who are able to find employment may end up being underemployed.  I personally lost my job after 28 years of faithful service and this has shown me the insecurity of our daily work.

Personal property

One of the causes of the present economic crisis is the easy credit that was available during the past years.  When people lost their jobs or discovered that they couldn’t pay their monthly mortgage payments, they lost their houses.  Millions of homes were possessed by the bank and people resorted to apartment living.  Even our homes are not exempt from insecurity.

Life Itself

Even life is not secure.  After conception, many things can happen to destroy the baby’s growing body.  More than a million children are killed by their mothers each year through abortion in the United States alone.  Multiple millions are murdered each year in Japan, China, Russia, the European countries, and elsewhere.  Just this week the largest abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere opened in Houston, Texas.  More babies will be slain.


Health is the proverbial example of insecurity.  A person may think he is in the best of health one day and then learn that he has an incurable cancer.  Each of us will face diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, broken bones, and other health conditions.  Each person will eventually die (Romans 5:12).  We can’t place ultimate confidence in our health.


Have we spoken to you?  What we are observing in these examples is that nothing on earth is ultimately secure.  We want such security and we look for it.  People try to find it many different ways. They try to assure their jobs through labor unions and try to assure their houses with insurance policies. But everything in this life is insecure.  Nothing is exempt.

Only knowing the eternal God through Jesus Christ will give us true security!  Someone has said that true security comes from building our life on that which is eternal and cannot be taken away from us.  Paul wrote, “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1).  He also said that nothing “will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (v. 39).  This is the kind of genuine security that the world could never give!  Have you found true security in life?  Seek it today for the Lord will not turn you away if you come with sincere trust and absolute submission.

Richard Hollerman


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