What Would You Have Done?


What Would You Have Done?


Richard Hollerman

Sometimes we hear or read of an incident in the news and are led to ask the question, “What would I have done?”  Today we ask you the question, “What would you have done?”

If we are a sincere and devoted follower of Christ, this settles a lot of these issues. If the matter involves honesty, truthfulness, kindness, gentleness, love, devotion, diligence, or endurance, then generally the matter is already settled.  A Christian doesn’t need to continually ask himself, “Would I steal my employer’s goods?” “Would I commit adultery with that friendly girl if she shows an interest?” “Would I use profanity or vulgarity if something unfortunate happens to me?”  We want to maintain a “good conscience” and this will solve many ethical dilemmas in life (1 Timothy 1:5).

Since we follow Jesus on a day-to-day basis and seek to submit ourselves to His will continually, the choice has already been made.  The decision has already happened. It happened the day we repented and surrendered our will and life to the Lord. As Paul said, “As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him” (Colossians 2:6). We not only acknowledge Jesus as Lord when we repent, but we also walk in Jesus as Lord every day of our life.

An example of the kind of matter we are speaking about was found recently in the news.  The headline read, “Salvation Army Worker Returns $125,000 that Fell from Armored Truck” (nbcnews.com/news/ us-news/salvation- army-worker- returns-125-000-fell -armored-truck-n118806).

According to the account, Joe Cornell noticed that a Brinks truck pulled away from a red light in Fresno, California, and a sack fell out when the vehicle left.  Cornell (age 52) is in a substance-abuse rehabilitation program that is sponsored by the Salvation Army.  This man who works for the Salvation Army picked up the bag and was faced with the question: what would he do with the money? And the money was not trivial—it was nearly $125,000! “Cornell says he started crying and shaking after finding the money. He says he decided to report it to the police after thinking of his coming grandchild.” According to the report, Brinks will give Cornell a $5,000 reward and another $5,000 gift to the Salvation Army.

How about you? If you found a large amount of money in some public place and no one else was involved, what would you do? Would you need to think about it? Would you ask whether someone had seen you pick the money up?  Would you be inclined to keep it? Maybe you would settle your conscience by giving a 10% tithe of the amount you found to charity or the church!

Hopefully, your commitment to God, your devotion to absolute honesty, and your desire to do what is right is strong enough that you wouldn’t have an inner battle. If you always do what is right each day, when a great temptation like this arises, you already know what you would do.  When a clerk mistakenly gives me more than I am due in a store, I frequently say that I want to be honest in all of these sorts of circumstances. We remember that “the eyes of the LORD are in every place, watching the evil and the good” (Proverbs 15:3). Keep this in mind when you know that no one else is watching.

And so we ask, “What would you have done?” If you are conscious of God’s presence with you at all times and if you have committed yourself to do what is right, honest, and loving in all circumstances, you will know the answer.



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