What is Texas Coming To?

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What is Texas Coming to?

I’m amazed that some prominent people continue to promote the bizarre practice of men/boys (males) using the restrooms of women/girls (females)!

A lead article (“Bathroom Bill” Targeted by Texas Business Leaders) detailed the present situation in Austin that some business leaders want to force Texas to allow people to use the bathrooms of the opposite gender. Further, the liberal editorial staff of the Star-Telegram continues to promote the practice of “transgender” people using the bathrooms of the opposite gender!

The justification of this immoral practice is that if we allow open bathrooms to exist, this will please some Texas businesses and promote entertainment events.

What is happening to Texas? Phil Gilbert (IBM) says that requiring people to use bathrooms of their own gender “goes against long-standing Texas values”! I thought that at least many Texans supported the principle of morality and respectability! The editorial says that Fort Worth “prides itself” in promoting sodomite and other perverse practices. What? Are there no Texans in Tarrant County who defend a moral stance anymore?

Let’s get back to a moral society that respects morality, respectability, decency, and God’s values and not fall for a bizarre practice advocating sexual perversion of all kinds!

Richard Hollerman


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