Ways to Use Tracts

Ways to Use Tracts

Have you ever wanted to have a more effective way of reaching your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances with the truth of God’s Word?  Consider the use of tracts!  Maybe you have wanted to distribute tracts in many ways to many different people?  Notice, we are saying “tracts” and not “tracks,” as some people mistakenly assume.

In my own case, God used the means of tracts to open my eyes to many aspects of truth when I knew very little about the Bible.  I ordered and devoured many little tracts and booklets on different Biblical topics and the more I read, and compared the reading with God’s Word, the more I could see that I had believed and lived error and needed to change.  This eventually led to my coming to Christ!

Tracts can be distributed in many ways, as we have said.  Years ago, the American Tract Society made available a list of ways to use tracts, however this list appears no longer to be available.  Let me list some of their suggestions, along with others of my own. Hopefully, this will encourage you to use tracts for the blessing of those who are in deep spiritual need, whether saved or unsaved.

1.    With greeting cards (such as get-well cards, sympathy cards, anniversary cards, or birthday cards).

2.    When you send a letter or package in the mail.

3.    When you go through a security check.

4.    When you go through a toll booth.

5.    As a means of teaching a person to read or learn English.

6.    When you go to a public rest room, leave one on the counter.

7.    Tack it on a bulletin board.

8.    Leave tracts in the Laundry.

9.    As a nighttime story for children when you put them to bed.

10. As a part of any social service like feeding the hungry or disaster relief.

11. At an abortion clinic or counseling center.

12. On the counter in a store.

13. In a library book on the library shelf.

14. On a bus, train, taxi or airplane seat.

15. On the seat of your car when it goes in for repair.

16. On the seat of a rental car when it is turned in.

17. In public distribution if you own a business.

18. Whenever you make a public presentation.

19. Offered free by means of a newspaper notice.

20. As people exit a public event.

21. On the seats of an auditorium before an event.

22. As a conversation starter.

23. On the tables in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room.

24. In the lobby of a motel or hotel.

25. In your hotel Gideon Bible or Book of Mormon or magazines.

26. In the menu display at the restaurant on your table.

27. Distributed to people waiting in a restaurant.

28. Distributed to people waiting for an event.

29. Give to the toll taker when you drive through the booth.

30. Place on a chair in a waiting area.

31. Place in a telephone booth.

32. Slip it into a locker at school or at work.

33. With a bill letter or card in the mail.

34. In a book when you lend it out.

35. On mission trips.

36. Door to door visitation.

37. On your desk at work.

38. When you travel.

39. When you purchase something, hand to the counter person.

40. As an email attachment.

41. Under windshield wipers (though this may be a problem).

42. When you visit someone who is ill at home or in the hospital.

43. As a counseling tool.

44. As a teaching tool.

45. As an outline for your short talk.

46. In a tract display in a business or in a bus station.

47. As a follow up when you share the gospel.

48. When you invoice for your business.

49. Send to preachers/missionaries overseas or locally.

50. As a tool when you take a vacation.

51. On street corners and to strangers.

You can probably think of other suggestions and add to this list.  This is your opportunity to communicate truth in a simple and effective way.  Remember that Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32).  He also said, “Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15).  This is your opportunity to help fulfill this in a simple and effective way.  It worked for me and I am saved today because I was willing to read that first tract!  And I’ve distributed tens of thousands of tracts since that eventful day!

By the way, you might be able to use certain Christian evidences tracts from:

·       http://www.apologeticspress.org/

·       http://www.answersingenesis.org/

You can also email us for a sample of tracts we distribute!

Richard Hollerman


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