Walking at Morn

Walking at Morn

Walking at Morn

Oh walk with me through the woods and fields,

Through the meadow wet with dew,

Come join me now in the summertime,

In the morning fresh and new.

Come see the dawn at the early morn,

With its promise for the day;

When darkness passes at morningtide

And the wonders of God display.

The wakened birds raise their cheerful song

As they welcome the morning light.

To God they sing with happy note

For the splendor of the sight.

The squirrels scamper from their trees on high

As they play in the grass and wood,

And all of nature proclaims the word

That the God who made them is good.

Come see the green and towering trees

As they lift their boughs in prayer.

They seem to say as we walk along

That they know God’s love and care.

Through grassy meadow again we see

All the sights that God displays;

The flowers growing along the trail

Will lift high their songs of praise.

The gentle stream, as it flows along,

Speaks a language to our ears;

It tells of God who will care for us

In our troubles, pain and fears.

Where’er we gaze on our morning walk–

All the beauty here below–

Where’er we roam through the woods and fields

We will see the God we know.

Richard Hollerman

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