Walk With Me


narrow way

Walk with Me

Walk with Me

Walk with Me Along the narrow path we walk

As to that Home we go;

We keep undimmed that heavenly hope

While now we dwell below.


We find that nothing on the earth

Can turn our hearts astray.

We onward walk and seek His will

Along the upward way.


If God should call me Home to Him,

Then I must leave you here.

My faithful friend, please come Home too–

Just trust and have no fear.


If you go first, before I do,

My friend so true and kind,

I’ll follow after very soon–

I’ll come along behind.


This lowly earth of sin and strife,

Of evil and disgrace,

Will soon decay while we go on,

Delivered by God’s grace.


So on we walk, with hope so sure,

Through many a painful tear.

We know that joy untold will come

For us who persevere.

Richard Hollerman

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