True Education or Evolutionary Theories?

True Education

or Evolutionary Theories?

February 14 was a sad day in Kansas. On that day the false, misleading, and God-denying theory of evolution was restored to the Kansas classrooms. Two years ago the Kansas Board of Education, by a vote of 6-4, removed evolution from the science standards as well as the “big-bang” theory of the beginning of the universe. However, on February 14, by a vote of 7-3, the present Board reinstated evolution into the school system. According to reports, one present board member, Carol Rupe, said, “I believe now that we have science standards that the rest of the world could look to.” Is this a true evaluation?

True education, according to God’s standards, is the impartation of knowledge for the good of the student. It is helping the student to learn the facts of God’s creation. Beyond this, it is learning all aspects of God’s will and truth so that the student may love, worship, and serve the Creator of the universe and Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of mankind. Based on this foundation, the student will also learn how to live in love and in peacefulness with all other people on earth. Anything less than this is a failure to genuinely educate the child as God would desire.

While education may include references to false theories–such as evolution–this should never be the foundation of the educational process. Since we are living in a world that largely denies its Creator, there does need to be some information given to the student about why people do reject the creation of God and choose a godless theory to take His place. But evolutionary theories must be shown to be bankrupt of true science.

Various organizations of scientists and educators, such as the Creation Research Society, have produced handsome and well-documented books and monographs that treat all aspects of the creation-evolution debate. Other creation organizations likewise contribute information that proves conclusively that evolution simply could not have taken place. Even leading evolutionists admit that scientific proof of evolution is lacking. With all of the evidence that evolutionary theory is false, it definitely should not be taught as a viable explanation for origins and natural processes.

It is time that American citizens wake up to the travesty that is occurring in the public schools of this country. Although many parents have chosen to either home school their children or place them in private schools, it is also important that the public secular schools teach the truth. And what is more basic truth than the fact that God created all things, including all life, in the beginning? What is more fundamental than the fact that our Creator made man and woman and that humanity did not evolve from non-life or from microscopic forms of life? What is more important than the fact that they are made in the likeness of God and created to glorify and serve Him eternally? Anything less than this is not true—thus it has no part in the education of our young people!

Richard Hollerman
Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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