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Time Management: Do You Tithe Your Time?


  1. Beatrice T. Jlopleh says:

    Thank you so much Richard for this article. It reminds me of an encounter I had with the Lord few years ago. This day I had argued in my thoughts concerning certain situations in my life, and while I count on paying tithe, my services in the choir as some of those things that should put me in circumstance I face, the Lord immediately responded to me by saying, “I know all that, but I need you to put in more time to serving me. Give me more time; tithe your time!” Wow! I said right there. Lord, I’m so sorry about that. I didn’t know that You needed me to tithe my time also.

    I have been living with this thought, how? Now I found the answer by reading your article on Tithing my Time. I am so glad that the Lord used you to enlighten me on this very important issue. Stay blessed.

    • Hello Beatrice,

      It is so good to receive your response and to know that you were blessed.

      Actually, I think that most people live their lives like the pagans around them. They just go from day to day, without any real regard for the fact that God created them, and owns everything they have and do. This includes our health, our time, our talents, our relationships, and much more.

      I hope that you will continue to read Truediscipleship.com for there is much, much more that you will find on the site that would be of help. I continue to learn too!

      May God bless you!

  2. Augustine S Kamara says:

    I am so blessed that I need more of your teachings. May God richly bless you for giving out what Good has blessed you with.

    • And I am blessed also in receiving your kind remarks. May you read and study and learn more from the Scriptures (primarily) and also from the website. Let us be like the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily (Acts 17:11). May God bless you!

  3. If they aren’t afraid of dying, or be terrified of death, or be scared of Him [God] and He [Jesus] alone, there’s no way the people can give their full attention to Him, nor to understanding His two True meanings [old and new Testaments in Parables]. Only way to give their full time is, to be terrified of being in a dark room, so that they can think isolated in their last day to live their life, and to just live their lives. Like in the Beginnings of Time, Adam’s afraid of God, but he’s refusing to admit it that he is afraid and hid from afar [Parables].
    And if the people aren’t careful, a random friend mate will just try to destroyed their lives in what Him and He had set a Obscurity in their time to live (ex. easing your financial aid).

    • Sally, thank you so much for writing and expressing yourself.

      Whether it is you, or me, or anyone else, we must insist on the Word of God being our guide, our compass, our standard, and our food.

      May you continue to pursue God as found in Scripture!

  4. I’m so grateful for your article and it is exactly what I was looking for when I did the Google search. It is amazing how God uses us to create resources for one another. Instead of writing it, all I have to do is copy and paste the link. This is definitely great food for thought and I’m preparing to share it on my Facebook page now. God bless.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Let us always stand firm on God’s Word and not be pressured by the evil forces of society. We are to be light to the world and not surrender to the wicked forces of the wrong!

  5. Jesus doesn’t command Tithing and seems to avoid money as best He could – which tells us something. Money is really to serve us. Jesus gives good reason to believe that when you NEED money for Gods work, you’ll get it. Maybe from a fishes mouth at the next pool by the junction…. maybe via inheritance etc… all things being possible with God.

    God does however ‘dare’ His followers to test Him in this (and not much else) if you want Him to demonstrate something I suspect is practically a legal response from God – Increase in return for your Tithe – which also helps us develop a healthy relationship with money as well, via giving some over to God.

    Jesus does however demonstrate again and again material behaviour means nothing without a spiritual root. This is true in all things – worship of the Bible being one thing Jesus points out to us as being a waste of time…. thats what the Jews did/do. It’s what people who don’t have the Holy Spirit do…

    I believe God acknowledges and honours ‘Tithing’ in all forms – it is a dimension to picking up our cross daily.

    Giving time is about the biggest sacrifice for a person living on a fallen planet in a body subject to decay. That is assuming the time given is done so with dedication and all diligence.

    So spending time with lonely/sick/isolated people is a great service to that person and to God, as one example of how God values you ‘tithing’ your time.

    He’d rather you do this than give money be assured in Jesus name and remember who He is.

    We do have a Scriptural promise from God regarding the Tithe though so take that leap of faith!

    • Hi Will….

      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to the matter of tithing. Although many people who profess Christ would differ with us, I agree that in the NT (the new covenant writings), there is no definite command or example of tithing. Surely it should be a bare minimum and not something we should aspire to.

      We are living in a idolatrous age and part of this applies to our income. It seems to be so hard for people to devote their money to such things as helping the poor, aiding saints who are sick or unemployed, supporting elders or preachers, supplying Bibles and tracts to others for their edification, and so much more. They would rather get a late-model car, housing furnishings, take vacations by ship, or go to sporting events.

      No, God wants all of our heart! Let’s seek to give 10 percent, 20 percent, or 50 percent of our income. It is not a legal requirement, but surely we should do more than the Jews were required to do! (In fact, some researchers believe that Jews gave an average of about 23 percent each year!)

      May God bless us as we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33)…

  6. Gregory Hemby says:

    Thank you for humbly convicting me. Forgive me Lord God for selfishless using the time You gave me. Steer me Lord God away from me, myself and I to You and Your Kingdom work and assignments which I have turned my back on. Amen.

    • Gregory, it is so good to see your humble attitude, your receptivity to God’s work and Spirit, and your desire to do what is right–even in the use of time. May we all learn from your attitude and seek to please God in all we do (Ephesians 5:15-16).

  7. It’s food that you want to stir a Christian’s mind but I have been reading the article, and there is no scripture provided in the article for what you are saying. This is based on solely emotions. Again, I get what you are saying, but let the Bible do the talking for you.

    • Thank you Zachery, I appreciate your thoughts here. It is so good that you want Scripture to speak for indeed it is the living and abiding Word of God (Hebrews 4:12-13; 1 Peter 1:23-25; 2 Timothy 3:15-17). May He be exalted in what we do. I’ll keep your thoughts in mind in the future! God bless you.

  8. As a biblical Christian counselor, I work as a professional and bill insurance companies as well as offer my time to a Christian counseling ministry. The insurance companies pay me nowhere near what I bill them so I’m already giving away at least 30% of my time. Then, over 50% of my time goes to help clients who do not have insurance or money to pay for counseling. Though some still manage to take a trip to Hawaii or Disneyland at times and I wonder about that, but try not to let it bother. However, if I were to fork over 10% of my monetary income also… Well, I’m not sure what to think about it. I don’t have a problem, now that my car is paid and other credit card debt is gone as well. But I’d sure like to buy some new clothes that do not come from the thrift store. In spite of everything I feel God has blessed my efforts. My mortgage dropped a bunch with the new Obama refinance benefit and I have a tenant in a basement apartment who has paid his rent for five years now, regularly. Given all that I feel like God has blessed me for what I have offered even though it’s mostly time, and some financials at times. Like I saved up $1000 to pay on my credit card then felt God say to give it to a certain church, which I did. My credit card was still paid off in a timely manner, so I can’t argue with outcome either, but when I read about tithing and how I “should” be giving 10% of my monetary income, I feel guilty for not doing so.

    • Hello Brandy…

      I found your explanation interesting and intriguing. You do seem like someone who seeks to be responsible in your earning and lifestyle, and this is to be commended.

      I am not sure whether you are commenting on an article on this website or not. I don’t know of any article dealing specifically with the tithe for I think that there are a lot of misconceptions dealing with this subject. Although many preachers and teachers have the conviction that the tithe is something commanded of the Christian in the New Testament, I know of no clear passage teaching that.

      I have been of the opinion that the Jews gave about 23 percent of their income each year to the Lord–not 10 percent. There was a double tithe and every three years there was a third tithe. But in the New Testament (or new covenant writings), I don’t know of a clear passage that teaches either 10 percent or 23 percent. Since the Jews gave this amount, it has always seemed right for the follower of Christ to give at least this amount and, if possible, much more. Wealthy Christians could live in a more economical house, drive an older car, spend less for entertainment, and so forth, thus they might be able to give 40 percent or 60 percent or 80 percent of their income to spiritual causes.

      God is probably much more concerned with what we have left than in what we give. Further, we should only give what we can to those causes approved in Scripture–and not to support a megachurch or denomination. Scripture has a lot to say about where our money goes.

      Thank you again for your thoughtful comments and may God bless us as we seek His will in all that we do.

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