The Thought of Jesus


The Thought of Jesus

The Thought of Jesus

Of all the thoughts my mind can conceive, nothing compares with that of the Lord Jesus Christ. He existed before all things and through Him all things came into being. Sustaining the universe through His power, He reflects the very glory of God. He is the image of the Father and through Him the Father is known. All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Him. He dwells in majesty and glory and is worshiped with the Father by myriads of angels.

The miracle of miracles occurred when the Savior became a human being like you and me. He lived among suffering, sorrowful, selfish, and sinful people. He did not avoid us or choose to destroy us, but extended His fathomless love every step of His earthly pilgrimage. People were not attracted to His physical appearance, but saw in His character, actions and words something strangely beautiful, authoritative, pure and true. He was the kindest as well as the most tender, understanding and patient person who ever lived.

Jesus touched the untouchables, blessed little children, comforted the bereaved, healed the sick and gave sight to the blind. He laid aside His own interests to have compassion on people. He forgave the penitent and extended mercy to those whom others rejected. He was a helper of the helpless. He saw into the depths of man’s soul and knew the innermost needs of the human heart. He experienced perfect sympathy for the broken-hearted and wept with the crushed in spirit.

But Jesus came with the supreme intention of laying down His life for us on the cross. He experienced the depths of suffering as He prayed in the garden, as He was scourged and mocked, as He hung between heaven and earth to bear our sins in His own body. He suffered death that we might have life. He gave His life that we might not die. He arose in victory from the grace and ever lives to make intercession for us at the Father’s side.

I count it the most exalted privilege to belong to Jesus, my beloved Lord. He is more than a historical figure; He is a living Person. I have experienced His transcendent love and transforming power. Though He knew all about my sin and though I’ve failed Him countless times, He reached out to me and touched me. He forgave me, accepted me, and set me free! His grace was greater than all my sin. His love is beyond comprehension; His mercy surpasses understanding; His plans for me extend beyond time and reach into eternity. He has filled my heart with His Spirit, filled my mouth with singing, and embraced me in His eternal arms of love.

The thought of Jesus thrills my soul and satisfies my deepest longings. My adoration of Him knows no bounds. In the quiet of the night I lift my heart to Him. In the morning I give thanks to Him. During the rush of the day I sing praises to Him. When darkness deepens about me, I abide in His marvelous light. I delight in His fellowship and rejoice in His presence. I long to know Him as I am known.

The pleasures of the world are worthless in comparison to gaining Jesus and enjoying Him. In a world of weariness, He is my rest. In a world of loneliness, He is my Friend. In a world of futility and emptiness, He is my hope of glory. In a world of chaos, war and frustration, He is my source of quietness, serenity and satisfaction.

Though others may fail me and comforts may part, Jesus promised to never leave nor forsake me—and on His promise I can rely. His grace can alleviate every sorrow. His promises can help me endure every illness. His peace can quiet every storm. His consolation can wipe away every tear. His strength can lighten every load. His security can overcome every fear. And His presence can make spring out of every dark and dismal day.

In the future ages Jesus will continue to show the riches of God’s grace and there will be endless opportunities to delight in His redeeming love. I will see His face and walk by His side. He will lead me to springs of living water. He will be far more fulfilling than I have ever imagined. My ecstasy will be measureless—all because of Jesus. How can I describe my overwhelming gratitude!

My friend, this same Jesus who is exalted in heaven, who has touched my life and the lives of countless men and women, wants to touch your heart as well. He wants to receive you so that you—personally—might belong to Him. Won’t you turn to Him and find your own spiritual longings satisfied? Your eternal destiny depends on how you personally respond to the Lord Jesus. Turn from your sins and find Him to be the supply of all your needs and the source of eternal joy!

Richard Hollerman


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